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Swisseye C-Shield sport glasses

What are your eyes worth?

Swisseye crafts exclusive and extremely comfortable sports glasses for the discerning adventure lover.
We tested the C-Shield over three months. It proved to be one of the most impressive glasses we’ve ever tested.

The C-Shield features carbon temples and a high quality photochromic lens with anti-reflective coating.
Its adjustable nose segment and rubberised temple ends offer comfort and superior grip while running on the most testing of trails.

We’ve run over 40 hours in them so far, and worn them for general use for an additional 60 hours, and they haven’t budged once.

Joey Kelly Swisseye C-Shield
Joey Kelly during the Wüsten Challenge in Namibia in 2014. Extreme endurance athlete Joey wore the C-Shield sports glasses. The photochromic lenses have automatically darkened in the intense light.

The Swisseye C-Shield Black Carbon Photochromic glasses offer excellent air circulation, wide sight field, and maximum wind protection to shield your priceless eyes while on the trail, in both full sunlight and low light conditions. Light transmission is from 8% to 80%.

Robust, flexible and shatter-proof carbon frame material and one polycarbonate lens. Includes microfibre bag for cleaning and a robust zipped case for transportation.

Your eyes are priceless, and these Swisseye C-Shield sport glasses are worth R3,930.

Tried and tested

TRAIL magazine founder, Deon Braun, has thoroughly tested the Swisseye C-Shield glasses on runs and for everyday use. Here are his candid thoughts.

“I’ve worn the C-Shield over three months, clocking up an estimated 100 hours in nearly every condition eyewear is exposed to.

“This included driving in bright, low light, and overcast conditions, running trails in blazing sunshine, dappled forest light, and rainy days.

“The quality of the optical Class 1 lens makes the C-Shield a good all-rounder in most daylight conditions.

“At Ultra-trail Cape Town 2016, I was able to wear them throughout the forest sections on the 35km race, some of which were quite dark.

“Styling is great. It has a similar shape to Rudy Project’s Sportmask, but with a very different hinge design that doesn’t appear to be anywhere near as susceptible to shearing off.

The optics are excellent; in the top rung of glasses I’ve tested. I personally would go for a lighter tint, or no tint at all, for running in really low light conditions. The model I tested is better suited to environments with few clouds or limited shaded areas.

“My preference for a trail running-specific glass is for a lighter tint photochromic than on this model of the C-Shield. There are other lens configurations, and I’d choose one as close as possible to clear. Reason being that you get better clarity in low-light situations in forests or dusk/dawn conditions. In extremely bright conditions, the 8% light transmission does a decent job of filtering out most of the brightness. I would not have minded if it went a bit darker, especially in light surroundings. However, when I switched to compare this lens with a famous American brand’s new offering, I immediately preferred the more natural colours of the C-Shield. I would always go for a photochromic lens, even if it means paying more. They’re just so much more versatile than a single density lens.

“Off the trail, I found the C-Shield’s warm tint lens useful as a reading glass while working on computer screens at night. Here the tint isn’t a challenge like it might be in a dark forest. Warm-colour lenses (yellow/orange/red) help filter out the blue light that is believed to cause insomnia, and many sleep experts recommend suitable eyewear if users use screens before bedtime.

“The fit on my face was snug enough to keep out strong headwinds throwing grit and dry air onto my eyes but allowed sufficient airflow to limit fogging.

“There’s no doubt that the price tag will scare off some buyers. There are other Swisseye models that don’t use the same high quality materials, or the ability to use prescription lenses, so you have lower-value choices.

“I personally would choose a glass that allows replacement or different colour tint lenses onto an arch frame, but I was impressed by the quality of the solid hinge on the C-Shield.”

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