What’s Hot February 2021

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Tifosi Crit Crystal Black eyewear reader special offer

Tifosi Crit Crystal Black R1,600

What’s Hot about it? The Crit is a popular choice with trail runners wanting a clear lens for a range of conditions. Its Light Night Fototec lens has a tint with the best range for low-light conditions we often encounter on overcast days and running in forests. Fototec lenses adapt to your environment, transmitting less light to your eye when it’s more sunny, and transmitting more light as conditions darken, providing an ideal moment-to-moment tint. Aerodynamic lines and engineered ventilation make the Crit a great choice for other endurance sports. The adjustable arm and nose pieces allow you to customise the Crit to your face.

Reader offer

Buy with coupon code trailmag and get 15% OFF. This applies to any other Tifosi sports model. Offer valid to midnight 31 March 2021.

Bonus: importer Jane from Zone 3 will send you a stylish Tifosi mask.

Salomon Soft Flask XA Filter R799

What’s Hot about it? Drinking from natural water sources can be refreshing, but unless you’re a swamp monster, you don’t want to be slurping up unwanted bugs. Filtration to the rescue! Filter bottles are not a new idea, but this is the first one we’ve encountered that is in a flexible flask. The filter screws onto a wide 42mm cap that allows easy mixing and the addition of ice cubes.

Salomon revolutionised hydration on trails with their soft flasks a decade ago. They have proven themselves to be excellent for carrying fluid and giving the user a very tangible idea of how much liquid is left. The addition of the XA Filter makes it perfect for longer expeditions, including ultra-trail races, so trail runners can confidently utilise suitable fresh water sources.

Swamps are still best for swamp monsters.

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Order yours direct from Salomon.

Druid's Garden Cordyceps composite capsules tincture coffee t38

Druid’s Garden Cordyceps R135 – R295

You don’t need to eat the caterpillar! The Cordyceps caterpillar fungus Ophiocordyceps sinensis is found naturally in the Tibetan Plateau region of China, Nepal, Tibet, and India, where it parasitises ground-dwelling ghost moth larvae.

It has been used for several hundred years to treat a range of ailments including coughs, chronic bronchitis, disorders of the liver, lungs and kidneys, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, dizziness, and general weakness. It is believed to strengthen the immune system, improve athletic performance, reduce the effects of ageing, and improve liver function in people with hepatitis B. Ingredients: Cordyceps fungus, food grade alcohol, and water.

Want more info? Email the Druid’s Garden crew.

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Order yours direct from Druid’s Garden.

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