Our Winter 2020 issue comes in an exciting new format, and the wealth of training insight, healthy choices, stories from the community, and trail running gear remain!

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photo Lourens Reyneke

Roll with 2020’s punches with TRAIL 36!

Totally redesigned for maximum legibility on digital devices, including smartphones, TRAIL 36 is 188 pages of trail running goodness, especially for South African readers. Check out our sampler.

And read comments from Kirsty, a reader in Cape Town:

“The first thing that I really liked was how accessible TRAIL mag is, especially for someone like myself. I don’t consider myself a runner but I do like to explore and looking through the TRAIL app actually makes me want to run and that’s a big deal!

“What hit me was there are real people, sharing real stories about their trail running and just having fun being outdoors which is refreshing!

“I have been looking at the mag on my iPhone Max and the font size is easy to read and the font for the flags and headers is also nice. Also there are no heavily Photoshopped images either which I appreciate… I have a publishing background so I can’t help myself to look at those things.

“I also really like the #TRAILMEDIA page discussing the Full Control Training App – it’s great to get honest feedback about apps these days, why some are great and why they aren’t, especially since there are so many out there sometimes it’s hard to choose one.

“I really like how the PDF format reads on the app and I absolutely LOVE the ‘5 Accessible trails to hit tomorrow’ pages.”

Rebuild your trail skills and fitness at five accessible local trails, harness heart rate data for training and racing, and learn how to choose your ideal shoes. Reflect on the mental health impacts of lockdown, regain your squat, and overcome the impacts of sitting slouched at your desk all day. Spice up your training, and choose from 66 local and international trail running events in our calendar. TRAIL 36 will open your eyes, loosen your hips, and have you motivated on the trails!

You’ll find ultra athlete René Vollgraaff on the cover, image captured by her husband, Lourens Reyneke.

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Get psyched for freedom and read on to discover what’s in TRAIL 36…

Lesotho Crossing spread TRAIL 36

What else is waiting inside TRAIL 36?

Reader pics TRAIL 36Reader experiences

  • Take a peek into the lives of other trail runners in our reader photos section, with action shots all over South Africa.
  • Read Liam Gannon’s letter about losing and then finding his trail running stoke. Our letter writers are rewarded with Feetures socks for their efforts.
  • In this issue’s TrailTalk, hear about new 2020 goals, and see if you’re in the majority of our Trail Polls.


Winter Gear Guide T36


  • We found five accessible trails around SA to rebuild your trail skills.
  • Catch up with South Africans pushing boundaries: Landie and Christiaan Greyling crossing Lesotho, and Andy Wesson, Nicky Booyens, Dean Barclay, and Peter Purchase on the Freedom Trail from PMB to Rhodes.

venues T36

TrailPeople T36People

  • Smiling Tholakele Charmain Shandu shares her trail love.
  • Five South African trail runners who are healthcare workers tell us about COVID-19 and their running. Zimkhitha Qashani, Samantha Holtzhausen, Dr Jannas Du Plessis, Dr Aurore Mpinga, and Dr Fran Diesel share their stories and how to stay safe.
  • Mike Tredway explains how Run With It 24 started as a personal challenge and ended up raising over R65k for two local charities.
  • Young Emma (11), Siya (8), Paige (4), and Philip (10) are TRAIL 36’s featured TrailKids. 
  • Cover athlete René Vollgraaff (38) shares her shift from nerd to jock, with the crowning achievement of finishing the Run AMUK 400 Mile Challenge in 2019.
Coach Neville Heart rate TRAIL 36
with Coach Neville Beeton


  • Use your heart rate to make the most of racing and training with Coach Neville!
  • Strengthen your legs and loosen your hips to regain your squat and become a better runner! Personal trainer Rhain Hoskins of The Iron Movement shows you how..
  • You’re more than a runner! Mental health advocate Chantelle Booysen provides tools to navigate the dark cloud of lockdown and pandemic anxiety.
  • It’s not a heart attack… Life support paramedic Simon Andrew of SynigeMedX explains exercise induced cardiac arrest, why it happens, and how to protect yourself.
  • “During lockdown, I was restricted to my small duplex apartment. I have no back garden and no treadmill. How do I go about keeping fit should lockdown re-occur?Sean Tait of Off the Mark training gives a detailed answer to this question, to help you stay running-fit anywhere!
  • Sports science PhD Rebecca Johansson highlights three performance benefits of lockdown.
  • Sit better to run better! Biokineticist Anca Wessels shows you how to overcome the posture setbacks of sitting at a desk all day.

Training intro T36

Nutrition & Health

  • Curl up with a cup of green tea and reap the health rewards!
  • Chantell Moss of Trail Hut shares her mild and delicious slow green tea recipe.
  • Understand the difference between COVID-19 symptoms and flu, colds, and allergies. Dr Greger also shows how serious a mild case can be, along with the longterm effects of the disease.
  • Dr Gabe Mirkin shares five healthy habits to help you live longer and better.
TrailEvents T36
photo Kirsten Oliver


TrailPlanet T36Planet

  • If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our food is one of the most fragile forms of security. The best attempt at ensuring some level of food security is to produce the food yourself. This can be done within your home, or close to it, especially near the kitchen, says Organic Pear Kelly and Bruce.


TRAIL magazine became South Africa’s first print publication dedicated to the booming worldwide activity of trail running in December 2011.

Since then the mag continues to enlighten its growing readership with the best places to run, the most suitable gear and the most popular trail running events from every angle; visiting the Himalayas, Sahara Desert, Amazon, and many local trails, including the famed Otter African Trail RunAddo Elephant Trail RunUltra-trail Cape Town, and the K-Way SkyRun.


TRAIL magazine is available from AmazonApple NewsstandGoogle Play, Magzter, and Zinio.

You’re covered whether you read on iPad, Android, iPhone, Kindle, laptop, or desktop devices. Available as single copy or multiple issue subscriptions, in digital format only from issue 36.

On sale worldwide from 3 July 2020.

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