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Deon Braun and Heloise Hunter are extremely excited about their TRAIL issue 39 content. Read the latest issue's editorial address.

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A valuable snapshot

Imagine where humanity would be if we didn’t have people who dutifully recorded happenings – both big and small.

Without a reliably recorded history, we’d have only a vague past to refer to, with fewer lessons from our predecessors to learn from.

Zoomed in a lot closer, the same applies to our local trail running scene. You’ll notice that this issue, as with all our others, includes overviews of recent trail running races.

It’s something for the present, as well as an historical record for the future.

One event we’ve included was the Addo Elephant Trail Run. I was delighted to attend my fifth Addo as part of their social media team. What struck me most was how quickly things are changing in the world of media.

What wasn’t possible a few months ago is now either doable or being spoken about to make it possible soon.

Example: Live visual footage from the remote Addo course isn’t possible right now. But with advances in satellite technology, this is likely to become a lower hurdle to clear in future.

Whether thousands of satellites in orbit is a good idea is a question we’ll probably only really ask ourselves after the fact (not one of our smartest traits!).

Cheaper technology means information will become increasingly ubiquitous, but quality insights will retain their value for those who seek it.

Magazines need to reinvent themselves to remain relevant.

Thank you for being part of TRAIL’s evolving journey.

Happy trails!

Deon Braun, Publisher

One of You

It’s finally happened: I’m a junkie! After years of exercise being a chore, I feel robbed if I don’t get my daily sweat.

All along, I thought you were exaggerating. I thought the idea of being addicted to exercise and needing it to feel normal was hyperbole. I thought you said those things to make the rest of us feel like slackers.

And now here, I am: one of the addicted.

To those of you who still dread lacing up, who run for many reasons but not for the sake of running: it gets easier. And I want you to keep taking walk breaks and selfies, because you have to build your relationship with running from a place of love, not punishment.

And after a bad run, where you counted every painful step, take a break. You don’t have to run every single day to be a runner. Coach Neville has a host of alternatives on page 158. 

And stop comparing yourself to other runners, especially if they are built differently. Coach Meg Mackenzie explains how your hormones and body composition will affect your training on page 170. 

Don’t let adverse conditions stop you from getting that sweat in, because consistency is key. If it’s a super windy day, coach Sean Tait explains how to use it to your advantage when training on page 182. 

Heloise Hunter TRAIL 38 at Holla Trails

Is the trail steep and gnarly? Toni McCann, Thabang Madiba, Rachel Manyathi, and AJ Calitz offer top tips for technical descending on page 190.

You’re strong! And the stronger you get, the easier running will become.

Heloise Hunter, TRAIL editor

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