Reach your peak with TRAIL 32. Understand your runner's mindset, plan your A, B, and C races for the year ahead, avoid and treat hypothermia, learn how to run with trekking poles, minimise your risk of injury, strengthen your feet, crack the best pre-run breakfast, and shop through our 10-page Winter Gear Guide. On shelves 1 July to 24 September 2019.

Become the best runner you can be with TRAIL 32!

cover Toni McCann TRAIL 32Immerse yourself in Earth’s majesty on five Natural Wonder runs, reader-made punchlines, and planning a year of races that get you to your goal race. All that while avoiding hypothermia! Build your runner mindset, and choose from 110 South African trail running events in our calendar. TRAIL 32 will have you injury-resistant, inspired, and strong on your feet!

You’ll find the impressive Toni McCann on the cover, the image captured by Rory Scheffer.

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What else is waiting inside TRAIL 32?

Reader experiences

  • Take a peek into the lives of other trail runners in our reader photos section, with action shots all over South Africa.
  • Read Graham Compton’s letter about his journey from 10km trail in road shoes, to Addo Elephant Trail Run 44km just months later, and two more stories from readers. Our letter writers are rewarded with Feetures socks for their efforts.
  • In this issue’s TrailTalk, have a laugh with mountain goat humour, and remember the best run of your life.

Gear Guide intro spread Winter TRAIL 32Gear

Natural Wonders intro TRAIL 32Locations

  • We found five natural wonders from around SA where you can run through and next to awe-inspiring gifts from Mother Nature.
  • Catch up with South Africans running across the globe: Gareth Morgan in Tennessee, Altie Clark on the Canary Islands, Meg Mackenzie on La Palma, Maruanda Wynne and Linda Doke racing in Slovenia, and Toni McCann beginning her Golden Trail Series journey in Spain.

Manifesto Cindy-Louise White by Jean Roux TRAIL 32People

  • Big-hearted Cindy-Louise White shares her moving trail manifesto.
  • Hundred mile runner Tobie Reyneke has completed more 160km races than any other South African. Just that is impressive, but you’ll be moved by what else he has overcome.
  • Kennedy Sekhute is a speedy trail racer who gives his winnings to those who need it more. Find out who he shares with and why.
  • Look into the bright eyes of resilient trail runner Chantelle Moss, and see how she overcame addiction.
  • Support Willie Richards in his African Tails fundraiser, taking him 1,500km on foot!
  • Shaun Raaff takes his MAD2Run relay to new heights, raising R1.2 million for education.
  • Cover athlete Toni McCann (25) opens up about her competitive nature, relationship with food, international sponsorship, the start of her Golden Trail Series racing career, and needing more puzzles to fill her free time. 
  • Armand du Plessis has completed Ryan Sandes’ 13 Peaks Challenge twice – alone and then in a group. Find out how the 100km+ journey goes with and without company.
Runner mind illustration by Barry Maitland-Stuart TRAIL 32
illustration by Barry Maitland-Stuart


  • Analyse your running personality with Coach Neville, and learn to fix your mindset for performance.
  • Your compulsory space blanket isn’t for show. Doctor Jannas du Plessis, mountain guide Shafeeqah Gordon, and event organiser Darrell Raubenheimer illustrate the dangers of hypothermia, and advise safety precautions, as well as treatment.

  • Learn from experience by treating your race as a project, says life coach Marie Snyman-Jacobs.
  • Your feet carry you up and down mountains. Strengthen them with a seven-step Pilates footwork series with Sasha Ehlers!
  • UTD 2019 Anthony Grote trekking poles TRAIL 32
    Stephanie Roland used
    her Gipron Carbon foldable poles to finish third in the women’s 100km Ultra-Trail Drakensberg race.
    photo Anthony Grote

    Turn yourself from a biped to 4×4 with trekking poles. Learn how to use them to your advantage from a cross-section of experienced runners: Andrew Booth, Altie Clark, Dirk Cloete, Andrew Erasmus, Ryno Griesel, and Lisa de Speville.

  • I have a 65km ultra trail race in 12 months. When should I start training? What races should I do in the lead up?” Sean Tait of Off the Mark training gives a detailed answer to this question, making the ABCs of your race calendar simple as 123!

  • Learn self-massage techniques from sports massage therapist Terri Ocean Ireland.

  • Build a buffer to prevent injury with seven movements from physiotherapist Jeanne Marais.

TrailFood recipes TRAIL 32Nutrition

  • Can you get enough omega-3 without eating fish? Dr Paul Palmer says yes! Find out how and why.
  • Trail snack or tea-time treat: Make Sara-Jane‘s clean chocolate chip cookies. These five-ingredient bites are free of dairy, egg, gluten, and processed sugar.
  • Turn flaxseed into a savoury snack with our flackers recipe.
  • Optimise your pre-run breakfast with Dr Mirkin.

Ultra-Trail Drakensberg 2019 intro TRAIL 32Events


  • Open your mind and help save the planet! Your offspring, garden, water collection, and creativity will all have an impact.
  • Face the reality of our declining wilderness.


TRAIL magazine became South Africa’s first print publication dedicated to the booming worldwide activity of trail running in December 2011.

Since then the mag continues to enlighten its growing readership with the best places to run, the most suitable gear and the most popular trail running events from every angle; visiting the Himalayas, Sahara Desert, Amazon, and many local trails, including the famed Otter African Trail Run, Addo Elephant Trail Run, Ultra-trail Cape Town, and the K-Way SkyRun.


TRAIL retails for R58 (print) and is available at CNA, SPAR, Pick n Pay, Exclusive Books, Sportsmans Warehouse, Outdoor Warehouse stores, and specialist sports retailers nationwide.

The digital version is available at Zinio for iPad, Android, iPhone, laptop and desktop devices in single issue and six issue subscriptions. TRAIL 31 is also available through Amazon, Apple Newsstand, Google Play, and Magzter.

Issue 32 was mailed to print subscribers on Friday 28 June 2019, from Cape Town.

On sale from 1 July to 20 September 2019.

Digital subscribers got their copies on Monday 1 July.

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