Make the most of every run with TRAIL 27. Relieve adventures in Mongolia, Addo Elephant Park, a flash flood in the Drakensberg, and even knee surgery. Get stronger with glute exercises, kettlebell moves, and training for vertical ascent. On shelves from 26 March 2018.

cover Prodigal Khumalo 600pixels t27Learn to train smart and perform at your peak with TRAIL 27!

Plan your training to sharpen and taper for peak performance, join the fun with five social runs, and choose from 100 local and international events in our calendar. TRAIL 27 provides tools for strong, strategic running so your time on the trails is more pleasure than pain.

Find the latest issue on your local newsstand, or buy TRAIL 27 and all previous issues digitally.

Get ready for the racing season and read on to find out what’s in TRAIL 27…

You can relive seven of South Africa’s biggest trail events from January to March, and get the scoop on recent international races.

Make friends and discover new routes at five Social Runs around SA, from Riverside Trail in KZN, to Pretoria East Trail Runners, and Fkt gt rd in Mpumalanga.

What else is waiting inside TRAIL 27?

Reader experiences

  • Reader pics TRAIL 27Take a peek into the lives of other trail runners in our reader photos section.
  • Read Ingrid Hauger’s letter about how she went from shy solo runner, to super social trailee! Ingrid and two more letter writers are rewarded with Feetures socks for their trouble.
  • The further away from strange people you run, the safer you are from harassment. In this issue’s TrailTalk, hear about fellow readers’ unpleasant interactions, from marriage proposals to running them off the road.

50-51 gear guide opening spread biogen FALKE First Ascent Salomon TRAIL 27Gear

Social Trail Runs around South Africa TRAIL 27Locations

  • We found five fun social running crews from around SA that will keep you motivated and expand your trail horizons.
  • Catch up with South Africans racing across the globe: Jethro De Decker in the Yukon Arctic, Robyn Owen, Lance Kime, James Speed, and Bruce Hughes in New Zealand, and Clare Walker with Tanya Wörner in Mongolia.


  • Trail junkie Shafeeqah Gordon shares her joyful manifesto.
  • Find out how a broken hip took Cape-dwelling Canadian Brenna Coupland access to even more sport.
  • Your favourite Swede has written a book, beautifully illustrated by her partner – the most famous trail runner on Earth! Super-couple Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet created a “work of art” to quote reviewer Deon Braun.
  • Look out for the name Puseletso Dladla: she is a KZN star on-the-rise!
  • Prodigal Khumalo Kumalo runner cover athlete interview TRAIL 27One of the most positive guys you will ever meet used his can-do attitude to run over 1,000km. Robert Brundle Le Brun ran from Cape Town to Addo Elephant Park, then completed the Addo 100-miler to raise money for elephants!
  • Cover athlete Prodigal Khumalo, known for a prolific road running career, did the unthinkable when he won the tough and technical Ultra-trail Cape Town 100km twice in a row against the Cape’s best (including Ryan Sandes). Find out how he went from Comrades Gold to trail gold with commentary from coach John Hamlett and sport agent Ross Walters.
  • Taper and peak your performance by Coach Neville Beeton TRAIL 27Remember the face of your father with Kevin Light.


  • Tapering to reach your peak performance is more than training hard then slacking off. Coach Neville demystifies periodisation to help you plan your best race.
  • All trail runners take walk-breaks. We asked Ryan Sandes to explain when to walk, Wayne Snyman to show us what speeds are possible for race walkers, and Tracy Rawlins gives specific instructions on how anyone can walk faster on the trails.
  • Got goals? Now to reach them. Life coach Marie Snyman-Jacobs provides the building blocks for you to achieve your dreams.
  • Work your butt to save your knees: strengthen your gluteus maximus and minimus with six physio-approved exercises. A strong butt protects your knees from injury. Physiotherapist Francis Rogan explains how.
  • A cannonball with a handle can give you maximum results with minimum time in the gym. StrongFirst coach Rhain Hoskins shows you how to kettlebell get-up your way to a strong posterior chain.
  • Train for vertical gain by Sean Tait TRAIL 27“Can I train to vertical elevation parameters on the trail, rather than distance?” Sean Tait of Off the Mark training gives a detailed answer to this question, including a training table for your next mountain race.


  • Tagging a peak turned into an ordeal of survival and near-drowning when Michelle Gordon and Bryan Antolik descended Mashai Pass. Their summer’s day jaunt became life-threatening when a flash-flood swept them down from Rhino Peak.
  • FiAddo Elephant Trail Run opening spread by Ryan Moss TRAIL 27nd out why legends are born at Addo Elephant Trail Run. Sandra Le Roux wins the Vasbyt 100 with René Vollgraaff, Andy Wesson runs his third consecutive Addo 100, James de Scande observes everyone coming through the final check point, and Nico Loubser considers quitting running after his 76km milestone.
  • Making memories in the land of the big blue sky and big statues of Genghis Khan, Clare Walker with Tanya Wörner race and explore Mongolia.

Safer food pesticide listeria TRAIL 27Nutrition

  • In case you needed another reason to eat your greens, find out about the incredible nutritional properties of sulforaphane.
  • Treat yourself to Emelie Forsberg’s favourite autumn salad with red cabbage, avo, and walnuts. We share her recipe from her new book, Sky Runner.
  • Make apple and green cabbage cakes for long runs, with Zita Steyn‘s recipe.
  • Protect yourself from pesticide residue and bacteria on your foods. We explain what foods are risky and how to wash or prepare them to save your health.
  • Hype or healthy? Registered dietitian Kerryn Moolenschot explains the science behind raw food diets.

Three Cranes Challenge Nontuthuko Mashimane Dudu Ngcobo by Sven Musica Phonix Capture TRAIL 27Events

trespassing article whose land is it anyway? No Entry by Arlo van Heerden TRAIL 27Planet

  • Prepare yourself for the Third Industrial Revolution. Jeremy Rifkin links our economy, environment, technology, and humanity for the future.
  • Share the planet responsibly! Arlo van Heerden explains the risks of trespassing for owners and runners alike.


TRAIL magazine became South Africa’s first print publication dedicated to the booming worldwide activity of trail running in December 2011.

Since then the mag continues to enlighten its growing readership with the best places to run, the most suitable gear and the most popular trail running events from every angle; visiting the Himalayas, Sahara Desert, Amazon, and many local trails, including the famed Otter African Trail Run, Ultra-trail Cape Town, and the Salomon SkyRun.

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