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“I always looked forward to purchasing TRAIL but was sceptical about enjoying the digital version. Finally took the plunge (with issue 37) and have enjoyed reading TRAIL in its digital form. Loads of great content and advice! Well done for a great transition to digital.” Michelle W

Issue 38 (Jan/Feb/Mar 2021) is TRAIL’s third digital-only magazine. It’s a whopper at 250 pages, and is designed for maximum reading pleasure on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, and Kindle Fire.

Issue 38 went on sale from Monday 21 December.

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*If you subscribed before 21 December on App Store, Google Play, or Zinio, you’ll get issue 38 as your first issue.

If you subscribe after issue 38 appears on their platform, you will not get issue 38 as your first issue, but will have to wait until issue 38 goes on sale in mid-December.

In that case, please purchase issue 38 separately. Unfortunately this is how their systems work, and we have no control over this.

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You can buy direct from us. Here’s the step-by-step guide to register, sign in, and access your mag on the TRAIL site.

NB: These instructions only work for the TRAIL app on this site.

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If you buy a subscription through the App Store for your Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android, please note that subs are forward-based. This means that if you sign up after a new edition is released, your first issue will be the next edition, not the current one. It’s not what we’d like, but that is how their systems work. Please buy the current issue separately if you want that too.

Also, if you buy your TRAIL subscription here on our site, you’ll login and read the mag through this web app. You will NOT be able to access your subscription through other platforms like Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, or Zinio.
There’s no connection between purchases on our website and those stores.

Not so sure about buying at all yet?

View a 38-page free sampler of our previous issue here.

Digital is now easier to read

Larger fonts, more pages, better navigation… it really is easier to read than before. We are confident you’ll enjoy it!

Lots of trail inspiration, low price

Subscribe to the new digital TRAIL for R20 a month (R219.99 a year) on the various app platforms we’re on – or for just R199.99 on our site.

You can also buy a single issue for R59.99 (that’s R20 a month for its three month term), including on our site.

Family sharing

It is not possible to share in-app purchases with other users. Both the Apple and Android app stores prevent this.

You can however view the app on multiple devices that are signed in with the same user account. So for example, if you have a phone as well as a tablet, you’ll be able to view the app on both the tablet and smartphone, provided you’re signed into both devices with the same user details.

NB: Please read our note below about the App Store and Google Play activating the next issue as the first issue for subscriptions.

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Google Play store reviews for the Digital Publications version. Please note there is a second version from Zinio Pro/Audience Media, which has less downloads, and no reviews yet (July 2020).

A reminder!

*If you buy a subscription through the App Store for your Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android, please note that subs are forward-based. This means that if you sign up after a new edition is released, your first issue will be the next edition, not the current one. It’s not what we’d like, but that is how their systems work.

Solution: Please first purchase issue 38 as a standalone issue, and subscribe for issues 39 and later separately.

If you want print back copies of issues 1 to 35, please email us for pricing.

Ratings for TRAIL magazine’s own app on the App Store for iOS (developer: Digital Publications).

How do I read TRAIL digitally?

  1. Download the TRAIL app from your chosen vendor (above) on your preferred device.
  2. Register an account using an email you use regularly. You will receive email and push notifications from the app (if enabled) to download new issues from the app vendor in future.
  3. Make secure payment to them.
  4. Go to your Library, and find the issue you’ve bought.
  5. Tap on the issue image to open and read it.

Zinio How To

To purchase and read on Zinio:

  • Go to My Library
  • Tap on the cover of the magazine
  • Tap on Read Issue
  • The magazine will then open and be available to read.

To sign into your account:

  • Go to Account 
  • Tap on Sign In
  • Enter email and password and tap on Sign In

To download separate issues to read offline, please first download the Web Reader.

Still not working? Read the full menu of Zinio help topics.

On the Zinio App

  • To download a magazine to your tablet or smartphone device:
  • Go to Library
  • Tap on the cover of the magazine
  • While the issue is downloading, the magazine will open, allowing you to start reading it as it continues to download.

To stop the downloading:

  • Tap on Downloaded tab
  • Tap on Select
  • Tap on the cover of the magazine
  • Tap on Delete and Confirm
  • Download is only available in the app and never to PDF due to copyright restrictions.

Zinio new issue not showing?

Force sync to see all your entitlements properly loaded on device (iOS/Android).

Go to Account > Sync your Library > Sync Now
This will refresh with our servers and ensure that all magazines are displayed in your account. Please do not close the app during this process.

In case you are using the web browser, please use Google Chrome and clear your web browser’s cache and cookies to resolve this issue.

If the issue persists please let Zinio’s Support Team have these details:

  • Device model
  • OS version
  • App version
  • Issue number/name
  • Exact error message or details of the problem

Still not working? Read this Zinio page for more help.

Digital subscriber FAQ

I’m having issues downloading my digital subscription. What do I do?

As much as we would like to help you with this, we do not administer the delivery or data management of App Store, Google Play, or Zinio subscriptions or single issues. Please email their support desks directly. You will have received a communication email from them at the time of signing up. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy reading TRAIL digitally.

Please send any feedback you have on the reading experience, as well as suggestions on how we could improve our offering to you.

I’m on Android. Where can I get TRAIL?

You can search your app store for TRAIL magazine and download one of the two apps which appear: Digital Publications or Zinio. Look out for our logo, as there are other trail running magazines out there!

If you already use Zinio or Magzter to read digital magazines, open your app and search for TRAIL magazine. Familiarise yourself with our current magazine cover to ensure you don’t accidentally buy an international trail running magazine.

If you can’t see our magazine cover in your search, go into your settings and check that you have selected South Africa as your country.

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TRAIL print issues

Our last print issue was TRAIL 35 (Apr/May/Jun 2020), which was in stores until 12 June 2020.

Email us to purchase specific print back issues.

We have been thinking of the digital-only route for a while, for environmental reasons.

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