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Print subscriptions

We have paused our print subscription offering until the SA Post Office improves its service delivery. This does not affect existing print subscribers, who will receive their magazines until their subscriptions end.

We’ve offered print subscriptions since issue 1, way back in December 2011. The support from the trail community has always been phenomenal. We are deeply grateful to everyone who supports the magazine in this way!

However, there are challenges with print subscriptions, and returned copies from the Post Office is one of them. We became frustrated by the lack of service that we got from SA Post Office.

So we ask that you please continue to support us through purchasing TRAIL from the newsstand or subscribe digitally, unless you already subscribe. In that case, your magazine will continue to be posted to you until it reaches its final issue.

If you cannot find TRAIL at a store you support, please feel free to email our RNA distribution manager Caitlin Starkey. She will let you know whether that store has run out of stock or doesn’t stock TRAIL, or whether there is a nearby store that does stock it.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.

Deon Braun, TRAIL founder

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Buy TRAIL from a store

Apart from specialist independent sports stores, TRAIL magazine is sold in these chain stores:

  • Spar
  • Pick n Pay
  • Clicks
  • CNA
  • Exclusive Books
  • Shell stations

Issue 35 is in stores from Monday 23 March to 22 June 2020.

Branches often have listing autonomy and may elect not to list titles that don’t suit their customer demographic, but they often will list new titles if customers request, so there’s no harm in asking the store manager if you can’t find TRAIL on their shelves!

Where you won’t find TRAIL

TRAIL is not currently sold in Checkers, Dis-Chem, Game, Sportmans Warehouse, or Woolworths stores.

Current subscriber FAQs

When will I get my mag?

Subscribers’ copies of issue 35 were posted from Durban on Monday 23 March 2020, so most will get theirs by the third week of April. If not, please allow until the third week to reach you if you live in the Western Cape, Gauteng, and other outlying provinces before you let us know it hasn’t arrived.

I’m having technical issues downloading my digital subscription. What do I do now?

For any issues with your digital subscription, please note that we do not administer the delivery or data management of iTunes, or Zinio subscriptions or single issues. Please email their support desks directly. Emails are provided in the communication emails sent by them at the time of signing up.

My print mag has not arrived. What do I do?

If you’re an existing subscriber and do not receive your issue 35 magazine by 27 April 2020, please email so we can correct any potential problems as quickly as possible.

Please don’t do the following:

  • Leave it for a year (as some have done), and then ask for something to be done about several issue non-deliveries. 
  • Go to the store and buy a replacement. Rather email us to let us know within two weeks of you being informed by our mass Trail Mail email that it was sent out.

If you stick to the above guidelines, we can check we sent to the correct address, and also send you a replacement. You won’t get an extension if you go to the store and buy a copy you should have received as part of your subscription.















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