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Physio and Lymphedema Therapist Riyaz Rawoot developed the SubRosa Alpha Bra in response to his patients' needs to improve breast comfort and health.

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The SubRosa Alpha is a South African bra developed since 2019 by Riyaz Rawoot, a physiotherapist and lymphedema therapist based in Claremont. He specialises in Breast Oncology, Lymphedema (MLD, CDT) and Medical Apparel Design.

“The Alpha sports bra is specifically designed to reduce the bounce of your bust. It is made from breathable fabric which draws the moisture from your skin,” says Riyaz.

Riyaz Rawoot developer of SubRosa Bra Alpha Cape Town South Africa
Physio and Lymphedema Therapist Riyaz Rawoot developed the SubRosa Alpha bra in response to his patients’ needs to improve breast comfort and health. Photos Andrew Ogterop

Lymphedema is the abnormal swelling of the body because of damaged lymph nodes and vessels. Having a mastectomy can lead to lymphedema.

Riyaz says: “There was a need for a high quality locally manufactured bra for breast cancer survivors. I took up that challenge.”

“Not knowing much about the clothing industry was an advantage. I didn’t have to follow any rules. I received assistance and motivation from Jesse Daniels, a resident in Springs Way.

“My first garments looked too medical (read: ugly). So, I decided to reinvent the bra! After about 30 attempts, I had created a self-support system that is an extreme impact sports bra, an oncology, nursing, compression, recovery, post-surgery, and everyday bra.

“The immediately apparent difference with the SubRosa Alpha Bra is its front zip. There’s no need to reach behind your back to do up your clasps (a 200 year-old fashion practice because women had maids dress them back then). Bra design hasn’t changed much since then. Now you know.

“The Alpha has a front adjustable band and straps so you’ll always find the right fit. Most importantly, it keeps your boobs in place, it has an awesome fit and it is so comfy! No more squish or squeeze.”

The SubRosa Blpha bra is user friendly and highly customisable with its front zip and adjustable shoulder straps.

Band sizes 26 – 46

Cup sizes A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, I, J

Uses Gym to swim. Infinite adjustability!

Colours A range of options is available to suit your lifestyle. Let Riyaz know your favourites.

Patent Pending

Why SubRosa?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Sub rosa means ‘under the rose’ in New Latin.

Riyaz says: “In ancient times, the rose was associated with secrecy. In mythology, Cupid gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to stop him telling Venus’s secrets. In dining halls and confessionals were carvings and paintings portraying roses, to remind visitors that conversations held were confidential.

“So whatever lies beneath the undergarments are sweet secrets,” says Riyaz, who started producing his bras in 2019.


“I had a mastectomy in 2008 and battled to find a comfortable bathing top. Then I met Riaz from SubRosa Bra. Wow! What comfort. I use mine as a bather/bikini top and have never been so comfortable and at ease while swimming since the surgery. Previously, I feared the prosthesis might pop out of its pocket or that if the pocket was too big, that it would pop out over the top. Thank you SubRosa Bra for restoring my confidence and making such a comfortable-fitting item.” Marlene (Edited)

“This bra is really good and keeps everything in its place.” Natasha J, cyclist

“The SubRosa bra has been amazing. It keeps my stomach flat too. I love it.” Gail P, cyclist

“I enjoy the snug fit that streamlines the body for physical activity and it is also flattering in appearance.” Leila H


How to measure bra size YouTube

Features of sports bras that deter their use by Australian women

Additional reading

Join the EVEolution! Support the boobs!
Pre-order now. R1,300 launch price. (Value R1,500.)

Making payment:

  • Bank First National Bank
  • Account name Riyaz A. Rawoot
  • Branch 203209
  • Account number 62437269972
  • Reference Bra + Your Name + Size
  • Proof of payment


  • Riyaz A. Rawoot, Physio and Lymphedema Therapist (MLD, CDT)
  • Founder of SubRosa Breast Research Advisory
  • B.Sc. Physio, UWC
  • Pr. No: 07239424 Reg. No: 0067504
  • Email to set up your FREE consultation
  • Call Riyaz +27 72 5057277
  • Store location and website address to be announced soon. Patent pending.

EVEolution! The bra reinvented.

For every Alpha Bra bought, SubRosa pledge to donate a comfort bra to cancer survivors.

Let them know what you think about the bra.
Which colours would you like them to make?

Win 1 of 3 SubRosa Alpha Sports bras. Email the team your comments and a picture of your receipt.


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