Spring Gear Guide TRAIL 33

Find 38 quality products in our Spring Gear Guide to help you reach your trail running peak!

Be ready for sun and rain with TRAIL 33’s Spring Gear Guide! Feast your eyes on eight pages of shoes, waterproof jackets, hydration packs, energy drinks, sport watches, eyewear, socks, shorts and shirts. Find them all on pages 58 to 65 of our latest issue, on sale from 23 September 2019. TRAIL is a print and digital magazine.

Spring Gear Guide TRAIL 33


  • Salomon Stunrise Sock R129
  • Falke All Terrain Sock R190
  • First Ascent Fresco Visor R299
  • Patagonia Duckbill Hat R499
  • Kalenji Unisex 10L Trail Running Bag R599
  • Brooks Juno Sports Bra R1,399
  • Salomon Agile Nocturn 2 set R1,799
  • Patagonia Slope Runner Pack 8L R3,199
  • Julbo Shield R4,100
  • Julbo Aero R4,200
  • SuuntoR4,999

Spring Gear Guide accessories TRAIL 33


  • Capestorm Stride Vest R249
  • First Ascent Corefit Tee R349
  • Runderwear Running Boxer Short R349
  • Capestorm Tech 3/4 Tights R599
  • Brooks Sherpa 5″ Short R599
  • Salomon Sense Tee R649
  • Capestorm Helium Jacket R749
  • First Ascent Climate Fleece Hoodie R1,099

Spring Gear Guide apparel TRAIL 33


  • Hi-Tec OX-Trail Racer R999
  • Kalenji XT7 Trail Running Shoes R1,199
  • Brooks Cascadia 14 R2,399
  • Brooks Caldera 3 R2,599

Keeping your feet blister-free requires shoes that fit properly. Turn to page 88 of TRAIL 33 for podiatrist, shoe specialist, and ultra-runner Craig Gornall‘s perspective on blister prevention and treatment. Ask him for shoe and blister tips in person at The Sweat Shop Bedfordview

Spring Gear Guide shoes TRAIL 33


  • Rugani Zobo Infused Beetroot Juice 330ml/750ml R10/R24
  • Enduren Nutrition Endurance Energy Drink 50g/1kg/2kg R14/R235/R380
  • Squirrel’s Nut Butter Anti-Chafe and Skin Salve 7ml/14g/21ml/48ml/57ml R55/R85/R130/R185/R199
  • Triple Orange Bio-Det Laundry Cream 1kg/5kg/10kg/20kg R125/R556/R1,066/R2,608
  • Well Now Co Swish Healing Mouth Rinse R145
  • KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins/Stick/Starter kit R165/R195/R380
  • Biogen Ovega-3 R260

Spring Gear Guide wellness TRAIL 33

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