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1. Salomon Reelax Break 5.0

Salomon athlete and a member of the Salomon SA marketing team Kane Reilly says: “The Reelax Break sandal has always been a favourite with our athletes and staff, particularly at events where we do a lot of standing.”

2. Salomon Elevate Move On Shorty

Comfortable, practical. It’s time to move!

The Elevate Move On Shorty is a top choice for women who don’t limit their exercise to running. Use these comfy tights in the gym or for yoga.

3. Salomon ADV SKIN 12 Set

The first choice of Salomon team athletes.

Kane says, “All our athletes use the ADV SKIN 12 Set. It’s a favourite for longer races and big days in the mountains due to its carrying capacity, whilst still being very lightweight, with a great fit.”

4. Salomon Alphacross Blast J

Stu McConnachie’s son Jasper (nine) wears the Alphacross Blast J, and Kane says “he moves in the mountains like a young Kilian Jornet”.

Hi dad Stu says, “He’s been wearing them since he was five or six*. He loves the colours especially. Kids hey!”

Jasper says, “I’m definitely faster than most people when I have my Salomons on because the grip helps me across the rocks and even when it’s wet.”

*We hope he’s been washing them regularly, haha – Ed

5. Salomon Trail Blazer 30

You want to go places and see stuff. Whether you bike, hike, or taxi, carry your essentials along in comfort with the 30-litre Trail Blazer 30. Bladder not included.


6. Salomon Ultra Glide

Kane Reilly says “Ryan Sandes has also been using the Ultra Glide for a while now, and was part of the development of the shoe. Most of the custom shoes he wore in 2021 had Ultra Glide midsoles. He’s also very happy in the off-the-shelf ones. I’m a big fan too, and use the Ultra Glide for longer races and in training. They offer excellent cushioning, whilst still being dynamic, lightweight, and responsive. It’s also Daniel Claassen’s shoe of choice across all distances.

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