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Discover the best trail running gear for the season in the TRAIL magazine issue 22 product guide.

It’s invigorating to get new gear for the start of a new running season! Fresh smell, smooth fabric, and all those kilometres of potential ahead of you…


TRAIL 22 product guide First Ascent The North Face Brooks shoes t22When you’re starting out, you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

If you’re planning on running short distances on trails, you don’t need much more than trail shoes, running socks, shorts or tights, running shirts, and for some, a sports bra. Find out what essentials you need as trails and adventures get longer on page 83 of TRAIL 22.

  • First Ascent Women’s Corefit Tee R379
  • First Ascent Women’s X-Trail three quarter tights R699
  • The North Face Men’s Better Than Naked Short Sleeve Tee R849
  • The North Face Men’s Better Than Naked 5″ Short R1,049


Off-road surfaces are constantly changing from one step to the next. Runners have to adjust, often midstride, for unexpected changes in the surface. Trail runners are much more in tune with the surface, scanning the ground ahead for
ideal foot placements and potential hazards.

Trail shoes support and protect the foot from rugged terrain. The outsoles are made from strong, durable materials to protect the foot from sharp rocks, sticks, and other hazards.
Trail shoe soles have aggressive tread patterns with deep lugs to provide grip and reduce the risk of slipping.

Find out more about the differences between trail shoes and road shoes in TRAIL 22, page 70, with podiatrist Chris Delpierre.

  • Hi-Tec Tortola Escape R899
  • Brooks Cascadia 12 R2,399
  • Brooks Mazama R2,499
  • Brooks Caldera R2,599


“To ensure my client’s muscles recovered properly between sessions, I recommended that she boost her protein intake by having a protein shake immediately after her training sessions.

“If you have higher-than average requirements or need a quick fix on the go, a protein supplement is a convenient and effective way of adding protein to your diet.”

Lucy Etherton, Noordhoek-based nutritional therapist specialising in sports nutrition, in TRAIL 21 on page 62.

  • NuZest Clean Lean Protein 600g tub R300
  • NuZest Good Green Stuff 300g tub R390
  • PeptoSport Power Berry / Citrus 900g tub R420


Eye wear is strongly recommended to protect your eyes in windy and bright sunshine conditions.

  • Swisseye C-Shield R3,930
  • The North Face Base Camp Duffel R1,799-R2,599trail-22-product-guide-logos-brooks-the-north-face-first-ascent-nuzest-swisseye-hi-tec-t22

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