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Read about some of the many people in South African trail running who inspire with their actions and adventures. Hey, that’s probably you too! Reach out to us with your story. Email editorial@trailmag.co.za. Happy trails!

Nic de Beer UTCT by Hayley Hagen TRAIL 29

Nic De Beer 2018 interview

Nic De Beer, our TRAIL 29 cover athlete, has an epic trail and road running career spanning 21 years so far. Get to know The Bear, the injury that changed his life, and the charity organisation he founded.
Toni McCann by Rory Scheffer TRAIL 32

Toni McCann 2019 interview

Toni McCann is 25-years-old and has raced the 2019 Golden Trail Series, after showing her mettle on SA soil in races like the Otter African Trail Run and Ultra-Trail Drakensberg. Toni was on the cover of TRAIL 32.
Hylton Dunn by Brendan Cole TRAIL 31

Hylton Dunn 2019 interview

Hylton Dunn was on the cover of TRAIL 31. You may know him as the owner of Alpine Swift Trails, or as the winner of ultra endurance trail races like Addo Elephant Trail Run, Rhodes Run, KAEM, and Giant's Cup Trail Run. He was on the cover of TRAIL 31.
Armand du Plessis temporary T37

Armand du Plessis interview

Extreme international ultra running events, sleep monsters, and solo mountain adventures: TRAIL 37 cover athlete Armand du Plessis has stories to share.
Annalise Scholtz feature image TRAIL 34 interview

Annalise Scholtz 2020 interview

Port Elizabeth's Annalise Scholtz was our TRAIL 34 cover athlete. From an athletics blitz at school to an ultra running champion, it wasn't smooth sailing.
Stuart McConnachie sunset by Simon Pocock TRAIL 33

Stuart McConnachie 2019 interview

Stuart McConnachie is a pillar of the Cape trail running community, building events and social runs. He was on the cover of TRAIL 33, the issue where this interview was published.
Eric Ngubane by Gareth Hubbard TRAIL 35

Eric Ngubane 2020 interview

Road and trail runner Eric Ngubane has been winning trail races in KZN since 2010, and made a splash on the SA trail scene when he won Ultra-trail Cape Town 100km in 2014. From 18km trails to the Comrades Marathon, Eric is at home on his feet. Get to know our TRAIL 35 cover athlete.
Rachel Manyathi trail runner running by Fahwaaz Cornelius wide cover TRAIL 38

Rachel Manyathi interview

Rachel Manyathi (44) shares her most epic ultra running adventures, the other runners who inspire her, and why she enjoys getting lost on the mountain. Originally published in TRAIL issue 38, where she featured on our cover.
Matty Healy ultrarunner South Africa profile DPS Kyle Quintao TRAIL magazine issue 39 1100px

Matt Healy interview

Matt Healy is a professional ultrarunner who signaled his intention at becoming one of the best when he won the 2021 Addo Elephant Trail Run.