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Professor Guillaume Millet is an Exercise Physiologist at Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne in France, and a three-time top six finisher at UTMB (he walks the talk!).

He reached out to TRAIL to invite SA trail (and road) runners to participate in their year-long Trainimm study.

He says: “The goal of the Trainimm study is to collect data from male and female runners of all levels and modalities (road, track, trail, ultra) during a one-year period. With these data, we will explore the relationships between training load, performance, injuries, fatigue and stress.

“To collect the data, we have developed a free app, which is available to download in Google Play and the Apple store. The runners will be able to log in directly from their Strava account or their watch. All they will have to do is to answer a couple of simple questionnaires weekly to evaluate their level of fatigue, stress, sleep and, if necessary, report an injury. They will also be asked to rate the perceived effort after each session directly in the app.

“The app is available in English, French and Spanish,” he adds.

“The benefit to runners is to receive information and statistics about your training,” says Professor Millet.

Runners will also enjoy:

  • regular webinars on different topics (including nutrition and training)
  • access to resources and content on training (articles and videos).

Get more info and download the app on the Trainimm website (choose the English tab unless you prefer reading French).

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