You live an active life. When you’re not on your feet during busy work days, you’re taking a lot of steps during your leisure time.

Your feet know all about it. They take strain.

Your soles ache from long hours of pressure.

Your ankles swell inside socks.

Your toes feel the pressure of being confined in shoes for way too long.

It’s time for a holiday – a foot holiday.

OOfos ooriginal-sport sandal graphite female athlete yoga mountains
Take your feet on holiday with the OOFOS OOriginal. Style shown: Black / Graphite.

The good thing about this kind of holiday is that it doesn’t involve an expensive air ticket. Your feet get all the freedom they want with OOFOS sandals. They are designed to absorb impact so your body doesn’t have to. They help your feet and lower legs recover faster after running and walking so you can be ready for the demands of tomorrow all over again.

But why OOFOS?

The OOFOS story begins with the OOriginal Sandal. Its combination of sleek design and revolutionary OOfoam™ recovery technology is the foundation for all current styles and models. And there’s a reason. It works.

OOfos OOriginal sandal navy tar road walking closeup
The OOFOS OOriginal cushions your feet from unyielding surfaces after you’ve strutted your stuff. Style shown: Navy.

OOfoam® technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear. Its proprietary footbed design reduces stress on knees, ankles, and other joints.

And that’s how OOFOS sandals earn the OOOOOH in their name!

The OOFOS Sport model features bold, hand-painted graphics on the upper strap for a sporty look. Style shown: Sunset Tide.
The OOFOS OOriginal Sport model features bold, hand-painted graphics on the upper strap for a sporty look. Style shown: Sunset Tide.

But there’s more. The footbed cradles your foot arches and enables more natural motion. Its closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimise odour.

OOfos ooahh sandal black sole detail underneath
The OOFOS Ooahh Slide is a great choice for when socks need to stay on. Style shown: Men’s Black.

The OOFOS Sandal is available in OOriginal (Black and Navy colour options) and OOriginal Sport (Black/Graphite and Sunset Tide colour options).

OOfos ooriginal-sport-sandal graphite male trail runner recovery waterfall
Give your feet the OOFOS advantage. You (and your feet) will be counting down the minutes to your next session.
Style shown: Black / Graphite.

View the range of OOFOS sandals: OOriginal | OOriginal Sport | OOahh.

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