Nicky Booyens 2018 interview

Nicky Booyens is our shortest cover athlete ever, but her stature does not detract from her turbo speed, multisport achievements, nor her adventurous spirit. Nicky appears on the cover of TRAIL 28 (July/August/September 2018).

Nicky Booyens by Sven Musica TRAIL 28Nicky Booyens describes herself as “An endurance junkie who is always looking for a bigger, tougher and more extreme challenge to take on.”

Nicky Booyens interview race wins TRAIL 28This explains why she wears a broad smile during harsh races, whether it’s the 400km Munga Trail, 450km Expedition India, or 260km Cullinan2Toonteldoos MTB race. Endurance? Check. Tough? Check. Extreme? Checkitty check.

We hope that you all learn something new about your favourite Turbo Dwarf.

Turbo by name, turbo by nature

Team Mutual Safes (a cycling squad) was started in 2012 and we call ourselves the Mutual Safe Mambas. Everyone got a Mamba name – I got Turbo Mamba.

Back in the day when I started with all the adventure racing and multisport racing, Max Cluer named me Turbo Dwarf… So the Turbo part stuck for some reason!

Nicky Booyens interview profile TRAIL 28When I’m not running

I am a specialist in the Business Intelligence Section, currently working more with data governance and data quality, but I still do some data analytics when required. [Yes, we understand precisely… Ahem. -Ed]

Forever sporty

I did all the school sports (even netball) and was always part of the athletics team. While I was still in school I started doing road running races on the weekends.

At varsity I pretty much just did rowing and road running. After varsity, I saw the Game Adventure Racing Series on TV and decided I had to try it. That’s how I got into AR, and ultimately trail running.

Nicky Booyens interview twin Berni TRAIL 28Twinning

I have a twin sister in the UK. Berni does all sorts of crazy stuff like me, mostly triathlons like Ironman.

She has just spent the last five years studying to be doctor. In July she will represent the UK (again) in her age group at the Triathlon Long Distance World Champs in Denmark.

My parents are useless at sport. Dad did a bit of hockey I think, but nothing since we were born.

Nicky Booyens interview Yolande Speedy TRAIL 28Fill in the blank…

I can’t live without chocolate and peanut butter.

There’s nothing worse than being cold.

Running in the rain is totally awesome.

My guilty pleasure is Speckled Eggs.

My ideal meal is pizza.

My dream holiday is anywhere where there is the sea, and mountains, my dogs, and not many people.

The best runs have been with running buddies.

Make coffee not tea.

Nicky Booyens’ next big tough challenge

The next biggie will be the Adventure Racing World Champs in Reunion in November 2018.

I have a few fun races coming up the rest of the year – Bezhoek Extreme three-day MTB, Comrades Marathon [Nicky ran 9h06min], iSimangaliso Trail Challenge, A1 Pilgrim’s Rest Adventure Race, A1 KZN Adventure Race, Fullmoon Adventure Race Drakensberg, Wolkberg Trail Run, Crystal Crusade…

There’s plenty to keep me busy and get me ready for the AR World Champs.

Nicky Booyens interview with husband Gerard TRAIL 28Finding joy

I just love to be outdoors running, mountain bike riding, exploring, seeing new places, and making new friends. Or just hanging out in the bush with my hubby and dogs!

This interview appears on page 36 of TRAIL 28. Check out the full article for her most epic race stories of being chased and lost, and her running relationship with dogs Lefty, Aero, and Kona.

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