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Trail Running Event Race Calendar TRAIL19Read about trail running events in 2018, from January to July in TRAIL 26. Over 100 events are featured, including international races.

We also have an online calendar, showing trail races a month ahead. If you want your event on our site more than a month in advance, contact Deon Braun.

If you’d like your event listed, send us an email at least two months before your event with the information in the following format:

Local events

{day of week, date, month, and year} Fri 10 – Sun 12 March 2017 {province abbreviated} EC
{event name} Addo Elephant Trail Run. {distances separated by a comma, from shortest to longest} 44km, 76km, 160km. {location of race} Addo Elephant National Park. {description of trails and event of ±20 words} Mentally and physically challenging, surrounded by normally restricted wilderness and wildlife. Earn your buckle with the 100 miler. {time first race begins} Start 6am. {cost in Rands separated by slashes, from lowest to highest} R570/R740/R2,700. {event website without http//:www.}

There is a disclaimer that late fees apply, so you need not include that information. Any breaks from this format take time to correct in a calendar with over 100 events, so please do adhere carefully to every full stop, abbreviation, and category.

As you might know, listing in the print calendar is free as a service to all events, and our readers.

For website listings more than a month ahead and/or images with a short caption, the fees below apply.

Option A: To advertise on our website (link above) as a text listing with a live link to your own website, more than one month ahead, as shown in the print mag: R500

Option B: To advertise your event as per Option A, plus display your artwork as a jpeg or animated GIF (a single image block) on the same calendar page in close proximity to your text listing, with a link to your event page: R750

Option C: To advertise your artwork as a jpeg or animated GIF (a single eye-catching image) on our Facebook page with a link to your event page: R850

Image sizes: preferably 1,500 pixels on the horizontal edge or larger. We will re-size to fit depending on application.


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