Install and test your grounding mat

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Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche which should be viewed in conjunction with his TRAIL 38 article on earthing.

These videos take you through the process of:

  • Setting up earthing equipment
  • Testing your grounding mat
  • Comparing your grounding mat with other materials

Setting up earthing equipment

Testing your grounding mat

Now that it’s connected, is it properly earthed?

Stephan shows you the method he uses to test the grounding mats he sets up.

Continuity Test

Critics of the claims of earthing say that it’s very difficult for us to achieve a state of not being connected electrically to the ground. “The aim of the video below is to demonstrate that we are connected to earth’s electric field on certain surfaces only,” says Stephan.

The test involves using a conductivity tester that measures if two points on an electrical pathway are connected using a grounding rod stuck in the ground which is the first point and Stephan being the second point.

The grounding rod and cable is connected to the tester with a sensor that Stephan needs to keep depressed, allowing the direct current (DC) of electrons to flow from earth through him, back to earth again, with him completing the circuit – if he is standing on conductive surfaces.

Stephan says: “The green light should stay on as I move from one surface to another.

In my test, these are:

  • grass
  • brick
  • trail shoes
  • carbon mat (grounding equipment)
  • memory foam
  • leather slippers
  • foot massage board (plastic)
  • flip-flops
  • paper
  • lemon tree

“The light will only go off if I move onto an insulated surface, which you will see in this demo.

“This is in response to some people saying that it is difficult not to be grounded and that we are grounded nearly all the time. If they can prove me wrong (please leave a comment), I will admit defeat,” says Stephan.

Earthing Movie


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