Gear Guide issue 25

Buy everything you need to prepare you for the trails this summer. Our gear guide features bars, hydration, tops, shorts, tights, accessories and shoes shoes shoes!

collage TRAIL 25 Gear GuidePrepare for long hot days on beaches, mountains, and singletrack with the TRAIL 25 gear guide! Aside from training, the best preparation you can do is to ensure you have the right gear and nutrition for your adventures.

nutrition bars TRAIL 25 Gear GuideNutrition

  • Superbar I Am Training 45g R19/R498
  • Pekant Granola Bar 35g R15/R250
  • Pekant Protein Bar 65g R25/R350
  • TREK Protein Energy Chunks R36
  • Trailnuggets Peanut Butter Coco Apocalypse 60g R38/R456

Bar Advice

Looking for a sports bar? It’s a good idea to test one or two before buying a box of them.

Test them during a few training runs. Things to ask: How easy is it to bite, chew, and swallow? In cold weather, how easy is it to bite a piece off? In your pocket, does it fl ake into many small pieces in its wrapper, or does it keep its integrity? What does the fourth one in a row taste like – too sweet, or still pleasant?

What ingredients does it have? Are there additives that you don’t know the name of, with numbers preceded by an E*? Try staying away from these. Generally the fewer and closer they are to their natural state, the better. (*Over 300 of these.)

recovery drinks TRAIL 25 Gear GuideHydration

  • Almond Creamery Nut Milk 20ml/1L R29/R72
  • Enduren Recover 850g R260

Drink Smart

You’ve just trained hard and smart, and you feel great! But from experience, euphoria can only fuel you for so long. It’s time to think of smart recovery.

Drinks like smoothies are brilliant to give you a wide range of phytonutrients, and the particle sizes, which are smaller than you can chew, mean there’s less digestive work for your body to extract nutrients. But making them takes time, and some effort, which doesn’t make them popular with some people. For those individuals, it makes sense to get a pre-mixed or ready-to-drink top-up.

As with bars, flavour is important. Most people don’t like drinking something that doesn’t taste good, except for a minority who will drink something purely because it’s good for them.

Next: is it easy to mix? Does it need just water, or a milk of some kind? It’s much easier logistically if it needs just water, or if it’s already mixed. Similar to food bars, what ingredients make it up?

accessories TRAIL 25 Gear Guide

Are there a few healthy constituents, or is there a long list of substances that read like a medicine description? Keep the list short and close to nature when making buying choices.


  • FlipBelt Classic R399
  • SWIZA DO3 R590
  • First Ascent Stealth 2L Hydration Pack R1,199apparel TRAIL 25 Gear Guide


  • First Ascent Corefit Tee R449
  • First Ascent X-Trail Tee R899
  • First Ascent Champion Shorts R899
  • First Ascent X-Trail 3/4 tights R799
  • First Ascent Apple Jacket R799

Get advice on choosing gear from First Ascent athletes Stefan Wahl and Clinton Mackintosh on pages 52 to 54 within the gear guide of TRAIL 25!

trail shoes TRAIL 25 Gear GuideShoes

  • Hi-Tec Sierra X-Lite Low R1,199
  • Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2 R1,995
  • Hoka One One Challenger ATR3 R2,150
  • Brooks PureGrit 6 R2,399
  • Brooks Cascadia 12 R2,399
  • Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 R2,450
  • Brooks Mazama R2,499
  • Salomon Sense Ride R2,499
  • Brooks Caldera R2,599
  • Saucony Xodus ISO 2 R2,649
  • Saucony Freedom ISO R2,900

Get advice on choosing shoes from Paiter Botha of The Trail Shop on page 54 within the gear guide of TRAIL 25.

Enter here to WIN a pair of Saucony Xodus ISO 2 trail shoes!Saucony Reader Survey competition apparel lifestyle Xodus ISO 2 shoes Dash Seamless shirt Throttle Short 728x90 pixels website bannerFind this competition on page 13 of TRAIL 25.

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