Thursday, August 17, 2017
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TRAIL 24 is on shelves until the end of September 2017. On the cover, Naomi Brand leaps between rocks at Hedianga Farm, captured by Sven Musica. Contributing experts get your trail skills on point! Cross-train for strength and balance on a rock wall, gain techniques for tricky rocky trails, and develop your running cadence, TRAIL 24 will prepare you for the toughest trails. Relive nine of South Africa’s biggest races from the last few months, and get the scoop on recent international events. Prepare your body, mind, and bigger-than-usual pack for five slackpacking trails in five provinces. Get the scoop on the great debate: are trail events good value for money? There’s tons more: discover it all as you immerse yourself in the pages of TRAIL 24.

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