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TRAIL 26 is on shelves from 18 December 2017. On the cover, Carla van Huyssteen skips across a stream at Maliba Lodge, Lesotho, captured by Sven Musica. Overcome anything in your path, from floating bridges, to racing mistakes, to injury, with this issue's contributing experts, including coaches and elite runners. Cross-train with kettlebells and Pilates for whole-body strength and coordination, heal your knees, take on the most slippery, bouncy floating bridges, and make the best of Coach Neville's nine biggest racing fails. TRAIL 26 will have you motivated, strong, and well-fueled for anything 2018 can throw at you. You can relive eleven of South Africa’s biggest races from October to December 2017, and get the scoop on recent international events. Survive summer on five cool routes around SA, sheltered by forest and misted by waterfalls. There’s tons more: discover it all when you dive into the pages of TRAIL 26.

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