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Smoosh! What was that?!

You again, this time smashing your personal best moment in the Great Times category (again in your new Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoes)!

Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoe women medial level
The women‘s shoe is available in US 6.5 – 11 (UK 4.5 – 9).

Why the Catamount 2? Because it’s a light and responsive trail shoe suitable for any distance.

Brooks Catamount 2 lifestyle man woman Hood River

It’s ideal for trail runners looking to run more efficiently, faster, and further on the trails, especially uphills. You can expect to find yourself doing climbs faster thanks to Brooks’ all-new SkyVault propulsion plate.

And then you’ll blitz the downhills, helped by Catamount 2’s lightweight, nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole technology, which provides adaptive cushioning for a fast ride over any terrain.

On the top of your foot, dual-sided air mesh features a water- and abrasion-resistant outer layer plus a soft, quick-dry inner layer of 100% recycled polyester for next-to-skin comfort.


Strong yet flexible internal reinforcements around the midfoot, with a half bootie tongue construction, keep your foot locked in.

Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoe women top view


The DNA FLASH midsole crafted from nitrogen-infused compound delivers the perfect blend of responsiveness and adaptive cushioning for a fast ride.


Its all-new SkyVault propulsion plate provides responsive drive you need to summit peaks with enhanced efficiency and push the pace. It is tough enough to protect your feet from rocks and roots.

Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoe men lateral view, level
The men‘s shoe is available in US 8 – 13 (UK 7 – 12).


Drainage slits allow water to leave the shoe quickly so your feet dry faster.


TrailTack rubber outsole offers traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoe men sole view


Brooks designers consider every detail as they work, fine-tuning everything from the silhouette to every groove of the outsole.

Brooks Catamount 2 trail shoe women lateral angled


“I took the Catamount 2’s out to the Cascade Mountains yesterday. Ran 10 miles of mixed trail terrain. There was mud, rocks, ice, snow and open trail. I felt like a rock star in these. My feet felt great the whole run. The grip on compact snow/ice was more than I expected. They exceeded expectations.”


These shoes are great for any terrain. I don’t go on rough ground much, but when I do these have great grip. They’re just as great for pavement, sidewalk, grass, etc. Truly an all terrain shoe. I needed a couple weeks to get them broken in but now they are formed to my feet and are extremely comfortable. DrewM

The Brooks Catamount 2 is a comfortable running shoe with a sleek design. I have run on many terrains and in many Brooks shoes. Since I moved to a city on the beach, I have been looking for a good shoe to run on the beach with. This shoe performed nicely at my Northern Florida beaches. The upper is a little on the stiffer side and does not transition well midstep but does provide good weather proofing. 
  I was able to run on all parts of the beach without my feet getting wet or covered in sand. The sole provided support on the uneven surfaces of the beach and gravel roads. Overall, I was very pleased with its performance. 
  The only thing I did not like about the shoe is that the toe box and midsole run very narrow. My feet are wide so I found that this narrowing became a problem for me when my feet swelled in the upper miles. I received a size 11.5 men’s size, which is the typical size I use for running shoes. The size was right; it’s simply a narrower shoe. For me, it’s a good shoe for quick, easy, low mile runs.
  Overall, a nice, comfortable shoe that looks amazing, keeps the terrain out, and provides the support necessary for quick easy runs. I would rate it a 4 out 5, but only because of the narrowness. Otherwise, it is very solid and another great running shoe from Brooks! Jay

I have been wearing the Brooks Catamount 2 for about three weeks now and I have to say, I'm impressed. I am new to Brooks but had heard good things. I had hoped that it wasn't all hype. I'm wasn't disappointed.
  I consider myself a casual runner and typically do about 15-20 miles per week with a mix of indoor and trail running. Due to the snowy weather, the majority of my use has come indoors on a treadmill. This is a very light shoe that feels great and is very breathable. I have used these shoes twice while trail running. There were several wet and icy areas and the Catamount 2 has great grip in wet conditions. 
  I also noticed that I could barely feel the rocks and unstable surface under my feet like I did with my old pair of trail shoes. My ankle felt secure as I went downhill in the wet conditions. I was surprised at just how sturdy and well built the shoe felt given how light it is. I'm excited for spring to get out in the hills more often and really cover some terrain.
  The only downside I would comment on is that the shoe does feel a bit narrow. Since most of my outings are 5 miles or less I think these will do just fine. If someone had a wider foot (like me) and were to do more intermediate to long distance running, I'd recommend going up another half size to give the toes a bit more room. For what I do though, these were perfect. Swanky 84

I regularly run trail races, and I previously ran on the original Catamount. The Catamount 2 is a major, I repeat, major upgrade over the original version. The ability to hill climb and more importantly, hill descent has improved immensely. The tread on the original Catamount seemed to struggle with getting mud stuck into the tread and you would lose all grip. The slightly tweaked tread on the 2 just doesn't have this problem, which allows you to bomb down hills with a feeling of security. 
  The 2 is also much better on the road. I loathed anytime I had to run on the road with the original Catamount, and the 2 is completely serviceable. I would say that the ride feels slightly higher than the original, but the stability is still there. The 2 also just has a bit more spring to it and just feels much faster. Brooks also improved the tongue (though I liked the original one as well). I have yet to take this on a run longer than 10 miles yet, but I feel confident in its abilities over longer distances. Drew P
brooks trail shoes lineup catamount 2 cascadia caldera
The Brooks Catamount 2 is a trail shoe suitable for short distances
all the way to 100 milers and beyond. Run in the Catamount to go
faster, the Caldera to go further, and the Cascadia to explore all terrain.

Key features

  • Uphill efficiency
  • Light, responsive cushioning
  • Sticky traction


  • 40.3 % recycled materials in the upper
  • 5.12 plastic bottles diverted from landfills


  • Sizes Men US 8 – 13 (UK 7 – 12) / Women US 6.5 – 11 (UK 4.5 – 9)
  • Mass Men 275g / Women 244g
  • Drop 6mm


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