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John Brimble

John Brimble is 68 at the time of the 2015 Otter African Trail Run. "Yeah I find it hard to believe!" I ran the debut Otter in 2009, then a personal best of 8h05 in 2010. In 2011 I experienced that epic running in the drenching rain, frozen and wet! A very satisfying run to have completed. And that was it, or so I thought... Then the flipping Collins brothers decided to do the reverse Otter, the Retto, in 2012. So we had to try that one as well. Then I decided new runs should be experienced, so did the Aussenkehr three-day in 2013 and got talked into the Richtersveld four-day in 2014. But, since I missed last year's Otter, I am back again in 2015! I identify very strongly with the organisers' ethos towards the environment and like to support like-minded persons and organisations.