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Enjoy reading some of the most popular articles in previous issues of TRAIL magazine South Africa. TRAIL is available digitally through Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, Zinio, and on the TRAIL website. It is published quarterly.

How to survive a veldfire by Heloise Hunter, photo Patrick Ryan/VWS

Surviving a veldfire

Walls of dancing fire, huge and orange against the sky, are awe- inspiring, terrifying... and deadly.
Marc Lauenstein Otter finish line champagne

Marc Lauenstein breaks ‘impossible’ Otter Trail Run barrier

Swiss mountain ace Marc Lauenstein is a man of surprises: he wins SA's prestigious Otter Trail Run on his first outing, becomes the first person to run the rugged course in under four hours, wins R100k... then does something equally remarkable.
vegan plant based run sunroberto nickson unsplash

Meet four inspiring South African vegan trail runners

Sunshine-powered running: vegan athletes Rachel Manyathi, Zoe Papadakis, Govan Basson, and Gavin Shaskolsky explain how their plant-based life affects health and athletic performance. Originally published in TRAIL 26.
Andrew Hagen lifts his feet to avoid tripping while blitzing downhill. Photo Hayley Hagen

Blitz Downhill with Andrew Hagen and Dirk Cloete

Technical descending is an unusual part of trail running, where skill can trump fitness. Proficiency on technical descents demands physical preparation and, equally important, mental focus. So what are the quickest ways to become a better descender?
Lockdown comeback Erin van Eyssen

The comeback after lockdown

Coach Erin van Eyssen of Flat Rock Endurance explains how to adapt to training after lockdown. Use his advice to rebuild fitness and get your mindset right, while avoiding injury.
Nine Peaks Challenge team seweekspoort WC by Erik Vermeulen TRAIL 25

Nine Peaks Challenge – the full story

Tag the highest peak in every province of South Africa. It's a simple enough premise. The tricky bit is runners have to drive themselves over 3,000km across the country from when the clock starts at the foot of the first peak until they summit the final peak. In 2017 two teams of adventurers have broken the record. Here are their stories, originally published in TRAIL 25.
Spekboom leaves wikimedia commons

Why you should plant a spekboom

Hidden behind the Cape Fold mountains is a plant, the spekboom, doing its synthesising best to keep our planet in orbit. Maybe ‘in orbit’ is a bit dramatic, but it certainly giving us breathers a gap to mend that vital space between Earth’s surface and the dark empty space of space.
potato vs steak starch TRAIL 24

Smart starch for your diet

If you've been confused by advice to load your plate with lots of fat, and to limit carbs, it might be wise to reconsider the importance of complex carbs. Starch is not the enemy. In fact, some communities living on Okinawa, Japan, have a diet comprising of 90% starch, which is a contributing factor to their renowned longevity. Dietitian Laura May is a believer in the benefits of starch, with scientific backing.
Buying Land glossary jargon fall trip by Barry Maitland Stuart

Trail running glossary

An ever-expanding list of terms used by trail runners in South Africa and beyond. Use this glossary to master the sport's jargon. Illustrated by Barry Maitland-Stuart. Compiled by Heloise Hunter. First published in TRAIL issue 33.
resistance band TRAIL 34

Resistance band cross-training for runners

One gym accessory, so many options! Use your resistance bands effectively with coach Brendan McBirnie of Fitness From Africa. This article was first published in TRAIL 34.
Belly breathing TRAIL magazine issue 15 by Leanne Coelho

You may be breathing inefficiently, especially when running

Even though you've been breathing your whole life, you may be doing it incorrectly. Getting your breathing right is so important for fueling your muscles with oxygen. Illustrations by Leanne Coelho
Fish River Canyon Ultra selfie AJ Calitz

The glorious return to Fish River Ultra 2017

AJ Calitz returned to the 100km Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra to claim his third win, in what he calls his toughest FRU ever. The 65km winner, Athanasius Muronga, earned his fourth consecutive win! Read stories of adventure from AJ Calitz, second man Roelof Feenstra, and winning woman, Sandra le Roux.
Night run tips TRAIL magazine issue 7

Night running tips

In the movie Alien, we were taught another vital Hollywood life skill: In space, no one can hear you scream. Who knows how many times that's saved you in the past year, right? Whether or not you've been baring your tonsils in a vacuum lately, it's still a small consolation for us trail runners. In the forest, at night, everyone can hear you scream but they don't know what's eating you. So the first lesson of trail running is keep your wits about you or else the forest beasties will devour you alive.