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earthing beach water sand runners couple pair grounding ira-kovtun-unsplash t38

Install and test your grounding mat

Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche. 1. Setting up earthing equipment, 2. Testing your grounding mat, 3. Comparing your grounding mat with other materials. Best viewed after reading his TRAIL magazine issue 38 article.
Marc Lauenstein Otter finish line champagne

Marc Lauenstein breaks ‘impossible’ Otter Trail Run barrier

Swiss mountain ace Marc Lauenstein is a man of surprises: he wins SA's prestigious Otter Trail Run on his first outing, becomes the first person to run the rugged course in under four hours, wins R100k... then does something equally remarkable.
Gunhild Swanson Western States

Western States: 71-year-old steals the show

Arguably the most prestigious ultra trail run in the world, but factually the first 100-mile race. The Western States 100 is an event steeped in history, its origins feeling more like a Western movie script than the truth. Each year incredible stories come out of this race as people try and cross 100 miles of Northern California in under 30 hours,
Baviaanskloof Trail Run 2017 by Craig Muller Backyard Adventures

Baviaanskloof Trail Run keeps them coming back

There were several return customers earning the title of Legend at the ninth Baviaanskloof Trail Run on 8 September 2017. Find out what makes this race addictive.
Buffelsdrift Trail Park 11 main pic 1600 pixels.

Buffelsdrift Trail Park overview

Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park introduced five offroad running trails at the already popular MTB destination in 2017. It's located 15km north of Pretoria in the Buffelsdrift Conservancy. The new trails, which range from 5km to 21km in length, have been met with enthusiasm by runners and walkers alike.
Nine Peaks Challenge team seweekspoort WC by Erik Vermeulen TRAIL 25

Nine Peaks Challenge – the full story

Tag the highest peak in every province of South Africa. It's a simple enough premise. The tricky bit is runners have to drive themselves over 3,000km across the country from when the clock starts at the foot of the first peak until they summit the final peak. In 2017 two teams of adventurers have broken the record. Here are their stories, originally published in TRAIL 25.
Spekboom leaves wikimedia commons

Why you should plant a spekboom

Hidden behind the Cape Fold mountains is a plant, the spekboom, doing its synthesising best to keep our planet in orbit. Maybe ‘in orbit’ is a bit dramatic, but it certainly giving us breathers a gap to mend that vital space between Earth’s surface and the dark empty space of space.
Andrew Hagen lifts his feet to avoid tripping while blitzing downhill. Photo Hayley Hagen

Blitz Downhill with Andrew Hagen and Dirk Cloete

Technical descending is an unusual part of trail running, where skill can trump fitness. Proficiency on technical descents demands physical preparation and, equally important, mental focus. So what are the quickest ways to become a better descender?
This is one of several Iwo Jima-like images from Otter over the years, as a Bloukrans hero takes a giant leap of faith at RETTO 2012. photo Jacques Marais/SONY

How to run your best RETTO

So, you really do want to be stronger at the end of the west to east Otter African Trail Run route known as the RETTO*? Of course you do! This is one of the most amazing runs you’ll ever do and the main reason the event is sold out almost immediately entries go live. But be warned! It’s a real beast.
Ben Brimble negotiating fast flowing rocky singletrack at Giant's Cup UNCUT in style. Photo Greg Labuscagne Photography

Ben Brimble storms Giant’s Cup Uncut

There are many races on the South African trail calendar and it is tough to choose which ones to race. Coming from the Western Cape, I have not spent much time in the Drakensberg, so when the opportunity came to run the Giant's Cup Trail in a single day, it was an easy decision. I haven’t had a great year with injuries so I was a bit apprehensive about the distance (and the altitude coming from sea-level). It was a fantastic event and the right call to run it.
Lizzy Strauss gives tips in Trail 13 photo Govan Basson

Tips to conquer your first race fears

As you'll well know, your first trail event (of any length) can be an intimidating prospect. Or maybe you're stepping up to a new unknown distance and you don't know if you'll be able to manage it The unknown can be scary. Often, it is so off-putting that you might decide not to try, for fear of failing. TRAIL sought out 18 trail running experts to help you overcome your challenge and your fears. On analysis, their advice has many common elements. This shared knowledge indicates that you are best advised to divide your approach into several stages.
Over-Training Syndrome Adrenal Fatigue

Over-Training Syndrome: Adrenal Overload

If you suddenly find you are struggling with training, losing performance despite training harder, or even losing the desire to train, you may have Over-Training Syndrome. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that over 60 percent of elite distance runners are affected at least once in their career. However, recreational athletes who frequently juggle busy personal and work lives are also at risk.
Foot pilates TRAIL 32

Foot Pilates for trail runners

Build ankle, foot, and leg strength using the Pilates footwork series. Sasha Ehlers shares a quick series of exercises that work every stabilising muscle of the lower extremity. First published in TRAIL 32.
Cup of coffee wikimedia commons caffeine heart

Caffeine and your heart

Caffeine is a stimulant which can mess with your cardiac rhythm, right? No, this time we bring good news for you and your morning filter coffee. Hurrah! Discover the effect of caffeine on your heart health in this extract from The Haywire Heart, the first book to explore heart conditions in athletes.
sleep better TRAIL 29 Dr Dale Rae recovery

Better sleep, better running

Sleep better to improve your recovery, performance, and general well-being. Sleep scientist Dr Dale Rae shares her insights with trail runners in issue 29. She uses her own scientific research, and evidence from other studies for science-based sleep advice.
How to choose a sports bra icon by Leanna Coelho

How to Choose a Sports Bra

Chafing, bouncing, and nipple pointing: as lovely as your breasts are, they can be an additional challenge you could do without on the trails. Men, feel free to read on for a sense of empathy!
Table Mountain fall Nic Nicolle

Watch Your Step on Table Mountain

Sunday 22 August was a dramatic day on Table Mountain. Four people were hurt and required assistance. One of them was TRAIL reader Nicholas Nicolle.
run stairs hills mountains couple vert ascent Pixabay TRAIL 31

How to train for mountains in the flatlands

How do you train for mountains when you live in a flat region? Coach Sean Tait – founder of Off the Mark Training – has solutions for you, including proven methods using treadmills, short hill repeats, stairs, and once-a-week roadtrips to your local high point. You can do this!
Belly breathing TRAIL magazine issue 15 by Leanne Coelho

You may be breathing inefficiently, especially when running

Even though you've been breathing your whole life, you may be doing it incorrectly. Getting your breathing right is so important for fueling your muscles with oxygen. Illustrations by Leanne Coelho
time meme covid-19 coronavirus

Coronavirus COVID-19 and its trail running opponents

Coronavirus COVID-19 has reached South Africa, and the battle has begun in earnest. While most of the nation is limiting interactions, some feel it's not necessary, that the disease is not that serious. We hope this plea from the TRAIL team convinces some of this minority to do what's working for countries affected earlier than SA.