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How to choose a sports bra icon by Leanna Coelho

How to Choose a Sports Bra

Chafing, bouncing, and nipple pointing: as lovely as your breasts are, they can be an additional challenge you could do without on the trails. Men, feel free to read on for a sense of empathy!
Paul Roth of the MCSA Drakensberg

Mountain Club to the rescue

We spoke to three members of the Mountain Club of South Africa about their love for the mountains, safety tips, and their experience with rescues. Heed their advice to avoid the majority of dangers in the mountains.
Marinda van der Walt Harrsimith Mountain Race 2015

Harrismith: 93 years, the frozen hitchhiker, and the angry ostrich

The 2014 edition had mist and lightning. But spring in Free State is a changeable thing: the 2015 participants baked in the midday sun. Every time a cloud passed overhead I was relieved, and I cursed the blazing heat on the open grassland at the base of Platberg. And I blessed the volunteers at water tables who sprayed me with the iced sachets of water!
Table Mountain fall Nic Nicolle

Watch Your Step on Table Mountain

Sunday 22 August was a dramatic day on Table Mountain. Four people were hurt and required assistance. One of them was TRAIL reader Nicholas Nicolle.
How to survive a veldfire by Heloise Hunter, photo Patrick Ryan/VWS

Surviving a veldfire

Walls of dancing fire, huge and orange against the sky, are awe- inspiring, terrifying... and deadly.
Cup of coffee wikimedia commons caffeine heart

Caffeine and your heart

Caffeine is a stimulant which can mess with your cardiac rhythm, right? No, this time we bring good news for you and your morning filter coffee. Hurrah! Discover the effect of caffeine on your heart health in this extract from The Haywire Heart, the first book to explore heart conditions in athletes.
Trailtalk Around Lake Malawi for pangolins Naomi Brand Xavier Briel TRAIL 31

Around Lake Malawi for Pangolins

In December 2018, Naomi Brand and Xavier Briel circumnavigated Lake Malawi on foot, covering 1,482km in 33 days. Read the full story, part of which was published in TRAIL 31. The password is the page of TRAIL 31 where the story begins.
Nine Peaks Challenge team seweekspoort WC by Erik Vermeulen TRAIL 25

Nine Peaks Challenge – the full story

Tag the highest peak in every province of South Africa. It's a simple enough premise. The tricky bit is runners have to drive themselves over 3,000km across the country from when the clock starts at the foot of the first peak until they summit the final peak. In 2017 two teams of adventurers have broken the record. Here are their stories, originally published in TRAIL 25.
earthing beach water sand runners couple pair grounding ira-kovtun-unsplash t38

Install and test your grounding mat

Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche. 1. Setting up earthing equipment, 2. Testing your grounding mat, 3. Comparing your grounding mat with other materials. Best viewed after reading his TRAIL magazine issue 38 article.
Andrew Porter Great Himalaya Trail Top of Bagala La

Andrew Porter’s Great Himalaya Trail

What better way to deal with a breakup than run the 1,400km Great Himalaya Trail solo? Andrew Porter did it, and did it quick, in 28 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes. This is his journey.
Foot pilates TRAIL 32

Foot Pilates for trail runners

Build ankle, foot, and leg strength using the Pilates footwork series. Sasha Ehlers shares a quick series of exercises that work every stabilising muscle of the lower extremity. First published in TRAIL 32.
article coach mo fast and far T12

Run fast and far

A question about running fast and far from Robyn Anderson of Johannesburg: Speed and endurance is a difficult one for me. I don’t seem to be getting any faster, and now that I’m running with a pack on the longer routes, I seem to be near the back! I’m 43, but in my opinion, age should not be the reason! How do I get faster and stay the distance?
potato vs steak starch TRAIL 24

Smart starch for your diet

If you've been confused by advice to load your plate with lots of fat, and to limit carbs, it might be wise to reconsider the importance of complex carbs. Starch is not the enemy. In fact, some communities living on Okinawa, Japan, have a diet comprising of 90% starch, which is a contributing factor to their renowned longevity. Dietitian Laura May is a believer in the benefits of starch, with scientific backing.
trailtalk rhino peak survival Michelle Gordon Bryan Antolik featured image t27

Surviving a flash flood in the Drakensberg

Bryan Antolik and Michelle Gordon took on the Rhino Peak summit in February 2018. The weather changed during their descent, and the fun mountain jaunt turned into a calamitous ordeal. There were five river-crossings on the route, all flooded. Read Michelle's account in TRAIL 27, and Bryan's here.
Christiaan Greyling Otter African Trail Run win 2017

Prepare for your best Otter with Christiaan Greyling

The 2017 Otter African Trail Run champion, Christiaan Greyling, gives advice on running your best Otter 2019. From mindset to nutrition, training to race strategy, Christiaan has tips to maximise your Otter run.
Champagne Castle range

Sterkhorn FKT and the record-setting movement

There seems to be an FKT movement spreading into South Africa. Popular in Europe, trail runners in the Republic are now starting to summit peaks in the Drakensburg in order to set a fastest known time for an up and down run. It began with Johardt van Heerden on Sterkhorn and already there are challengers preparing themselves.
iPad Pro digital issue Lesotho Crossing spread web T36

TRAIL goes digital for the planet

TRAIL has gone digital for the planet. You're invited to join us in doing more, with less impact on Earth's resources. Thank you for supporting TRAIL through its transition. Our digital magazine has impressed early adopters – and you're next!
run stairs hills mountains couple vert ascent Pixabay TRAIL 31

How to train for mountains in the flatlands

How do you train for mountains when you live in a flat region? Coach Sean Tait – founder of Off the Mark Training – has solutions for you, including proven methods using treadmills, short hill repeats, stairs, and once-a-week roadtrips to your local high point. You can do this!
Marc Lauenstein Otter finish line champagne

Marc Lauenstein breaks ‘impossible’ Otter Trail Run barrier

Swiss mountain ace Marc Lauenstein is a man of surprises: he wins SA's prestigious Otter Trail Run on his first outing, becomes the first person to run the rugged course in under four hours, wins R100k... then does something equally remarkable.
Stress fracture t14

Stress Fracture Prevention

A stress fracture is a small crack in any of your weight-bearing bones. Stress fractures are one of the most frustrating injuries a runner can experience, not just because of the pain, but due to the limitations in treatment. Runners with stress fractures are off the trails for four to six weeks. Therefore the emphasis should be on prevention rather than treatment.