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featured Molweni Trail 2016 Tarryn Lopez by Anthony Grote t20

Seven Tales from Molweni 2016

The Molweni Trail Run podiums were dominated by unfamiliar names, hopefully to become stars on the rise like last year's winner, Johardt van Heerden. After a challenging prologue in miserable wet conditions, race day bloomed with clear skies and a warm sun. The glorious gorge, with lush forests and dramatic waterfalls, welcomed the brave 32km athletes, with hardly a hint of the brutal climbs to come.
Stress fracture t14

Stress Fracture Prevention

A stress fracture is a small crack in any of your weight-bearing bones. Stress fractures are one of the most frustrating injuries a runner can experience, not just because of the pain, but due to the limitations in treatment. Runners with stress fractures are off the trails for four to six weeks. Therefore the emphasis should be on prevention rather than treatment.
AJ Calitz followed by Ben Brimble at AfricanX 2016 photo credit Tobias Ginsberg

Fighting for the AfricanX 2016 win

The race highlight of the weekend 11-13 March was the Cell C AfricanX, presented by ASICS, with some nail-biting position changes among the leaders.
Nine Peaks Challenge team seweekspoort WC by Erik Vermeulen TRAIL 25

Nine Peaks Challenge – the full story

Tag the highest peak in every province of South Africa. It's a simple enough premise. The tricky bit is runners have to drive themselves over 3,000km across the country from when the clock starts at the foot of the first peak until they summit the final peak. In 2017 two teams of adventurers have broken the record. Here are their stories, originally published in TRAIL 25.
Andrew Porter Great Himalaya Trail Top of Bagala La

Andrew Porter’s Great Himalaya Trail

What better way to deal with a breakup than run the 1,400km Great Himalaya Trail solo? Andrew Porter did it, and did it quick, in 28 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes. This is his journey.

Shoes to wear when not running

You have all the T-shirts, your preferred brand of shoes (that you replace on a regular basis), technical socks, and you spend between five and ten hours a week running. But what do you wear the rest of your waking hours, for the most time spent on your feet? In TRAIL issue 21 podiatrist Nelfrie Kemp explains which shoes are enemies to your feet, and what to wear instead.
Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 Miler 2017 Xavier Briel IMG_0272 opening spread DPS rolling hills golden light t24 1000pixels website

My Wild Life at Addo Elephant Trail Run 2017

There's one chance to run in Addo Elephant National Park and that is by toeing the line at Addo Elephant Trail Run. Martin Malherbe relives his 100 miles, with snippets from Caitlin Lewis, Andy Wesson, and S├ębastien Lesage.
trailtalk rhino peak survival Michelle Gordon Bryan Antolik featured image t27

Surviving a flash flood in the Drakensberg

Bryan Antolik and Michelle Gordon took on the Rhino Peak summit in February 2018. The weather changed during their descent, and the fun mountain jaunt turned into a calamitous ordeal. There were five river-crossings on the route, all flooded. Read Michelle's account in TRAIL 27, and Bryan's here.
Trailtalk Around Lake Malawi for pangolins Naomi Brand Xavier Briel TRAIL 31

Around Lake Malawi for Pangolins

In December 2018, Naomi Brand and Xavier Briel circumnavigated Lake Malawi on foot, covering 1,482km in 33 days. Read the full story, part of which was published in TRAIL 31. The password is the page of TRAIL 31 where the story begins.
blog Rockhoppin' Trail Linda Doke

10 Lekker local trail blogs

We scoured the net and found excellent South African trail blogs for you to enjoy. These are just some of our favourites!
Stuart Cole Drakensberg Northern Trail by Sven Musica Phonix Capture

Stuart Cole beats addiction with trail running

Healthy and happy, Stuart Cole took his body and soul back from the clutches of addiction. Just over a year later, Stuart is helping others and embracing the indescribable joy of trail running. This is the TrailTalk article he contributed to TRAIL issue 28.
Baviaanskloof Trail Run 2017 by Craig Muller Backyard Adventures

Baviaanskloof Trail Run keeps them coming back

There were several return customers earning the title of Legend at the ninth Baviaanskloof Trail Run on 8 September 2017. Find out what makes this race addictive.
Buffelsdrift Trail Park 11 main pic 1600 pixels.

Buffelsdrift Trail Park overview

Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park introduced five offroad running trails at the already popular MTB destination in 2017. It's located 15km north of Pretoria in the Buffelsdrift Conservancy. The new trails, which range from 5km to 21km in length, have been met with enthusiasm by runners and walkers alike.

Kissing the Hardrock with a second to go

The Hardrock 100 was won by two trail running greats, but Bogie Dumitrescu's story is the one that grabs the headlines. After 100 miles, and 10km in elevation, Bogie kissed the Hardrock with a second to go, signaling the end of his grueling two-day, non-stop, race.
Johardt van Heerden Molweni 2015 winner

Newcomer Johardt van Heerden wins Long Distance Championship at Molweni 2015

The second Molweni Trail Run hosted the SA Long Distance Championships over 32km in the spectacular Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, 20km from Durban. A competitive field was batched and sent on their way after a technical 7km prologue the day before.

Skipping rope cross-training for trail runners

Use a skipping rope to maintain fitness and have fun, no matter where you are. Personal trainer Rhain Hoskins shows you the moves and workout combinations. Article originally published in TRAIL 31
Christiaan Greyling Otter African Trail Run win 2017

Prepare for your best Otter with Christiaan Greyling

2017 Otter African Trail Run champion Christiaan Greyling shares advice for your best Otter (running in the Classic direction). From mindset to nutrition, training to race strategy, Christiaan has tips that will improve your Otter experience.
Are you hooked on exercise?

Exercise Addiction Quiz

Test yourself for signs of exercise addiction, which may lead to overuse injuries, adrenal fatigue, and relationship issues. It's worth your attention: 10% of competitive runners have an exercise addiction, and 20-40% of triathletes are exercise addicts. This is an extract from The Haywire Heart, the first book about heart problems in athletes.
Young couple: man and woman run together on a sunset on lake coast. Silhouette.

It’s time to taper!

"Coach Mo, how do you taper before an important race?" Sally, Cape Town I often see how athletes work so hard for months preparing religiously for a big race and when it all needs to come together on race day, the spark is missing.
potato vs steak starch TRAIL 24

Smart starch for your diet

If you've been confused by advice to load your plate with lots of fat, and to limit carbs, it might be wise to reconsider the importance of complex carbs. Starch is not the enemy. In fact, some communities living on Okinawa, Japan, have a diet comprising of 90% starch, which is a contributing factor to their renowned longevity. Dietitian Laura May is a believer in the benefits of starch, with scientific backing.