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Christiaan Greyling Otter African Trail Run win 2017

Prepare for your best Otter with Christiaan Greyling

The 2017 Otter African Trail Run champion, Christiaan Greyling, gives advice on running your best Otter 2019. From mindset to nutrition, training to race strategy, Christiaan has tips to maximise your Otter run.
Andrew Hagen lifts his feet to avoid tripping while blitzing downhill. Photo Hayley Hagen

Blitz Downhill with Andrew Hagen and Dirk Cloete

Technical descending is an unusual part of trail running, where skill can trump fitness. Proficiency on technical descents demands physical preparation and, equally important, mental focus. So what are the quickest ways to become a better descender?
iPad Pro digital issue Lesotho Crossing spread web T36

TRAIL goes digital for the planet

TRAIL has gone digital for the planet. You're invited to join us in doing more, with less impact on Earth's resources. Thank you for supporting TRAIL through its transition. Our digital magazine has impressed early adopters – and you're next!
earthing beach water sand runners couple pair grounding ira-kovtun-unsplash t38

Install and test your grounding mat

Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche. 1. Setting up earthing equipment, 2. Testing your grounding mat, 3. Comparing your grounding mat with other materials. Best viewed after reading his TRAIL magazine issue 38 article.
Foot pilates TRAIL 32

Foot Pilates for trail runners

Build ankle, foot, and leg strength using the Pilates footwork series. Sasha Ehlers shares a quick series of exercises that work every stabilising muscle of the lower extremity. First published in TRAIL 32.
article coach mo fast and far T12

Run fast and far

A question about running fast and far from Robyn Anderson of Johannesburg: Speed and endurance is a difficult one for me. I don’t seem to be getting any faster, and now that I’m running with a pack on the longer routes, I seem to be near the back! I’m 43, but in my opinion, age should not be the reason! How do I get faster and stay the distance?
Champagne Castle range

Sterkhorn FKT and the record-setting movement

There seems to be an FKT movement spreading into South Africa. Popular in Europe, trail runners in the Republic are now starting to summit peaks in the Drakensburg in order to set a fastest known time for an up and down run. It began with Johardt van Heerden on Sterkhorn and already there are challengers preparing themselves.
Spot the Geocacher

Caching the Trail

Turn your trail run into a treasure hunt when you take up geocaching. There are little caches hidden all over the world - you may have stepped over them, ran passed them, or even stumbled upon them already. Be a part of an international community of treasure hunters.
Table Mountain fall Nic Nicolle

Watch Your Step on Table Mountain

Sunday 22 August was a dramatic day on Table Mountain. Four people were hurt and required assistance. One of them was TRAIL reader Nicholas Nicolle.
Young couple: man and woman run together on a sunset on lake coast. Silhouette.

It’s time to taper!

"Coach Mo, how do you taper before an important race?" Sally, Cape Town I often see how athletes work so hard for months preparing religiously for a big race and when it all needs to come together on race day, the spark is missing.
AJ Calitz followed by Ben Brimble at AfricanX 2016 photo credit Tobias Ginsberg

Fighting for the AfricanX 2016 win

The race highlight of the weekend 11-13 March was the Cell C AfricanX, presented by ASICS, with some nail-biting position changes among the leaders.

Hip position for running form

Appearing on page 64 in TRAIL magazine issue 21, this article demonstrates the importance of hip position in running form, and shows you how to correct yours!
Marinda van der Walt Harrsimith Mountain Race 2015

Harrismith: 93 years, the frozen hitchhiker, and the angry ostrich

The 2014 edition had mist and lightning. But spring in Free State is a changeable thing: the 2015 participants baked in the midday sun. Every time a cloud passed overhead I was relieved, and I cursed the blazing heat on the open grassland at the base of Platberg. And I blessed the volunteers at water tables who sprayed me with the iced sachets of water!
Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 Miler 2017 Xavier Briel IMG_0272 opening spread DPS rolling hills golden light t24 1000pixels website

My Wild Life at Addo Elephant Trail Run 2017

There's one chance to run in Addo Elephant National Park and that is by toeing the line at Addo Elephant Trail Run. Martin Malherbe relives his 100 miles, with snippets from Caitlin Lewis, Andy Wesson, and Sébastien Lesage.
How to choose shoes Grant Bryant TRAIL 36

How to choose your next pair of run shoes

Running shoe expert Grant Bryant of RUN Store helps you choose trail running shoes which are optimal for your needs. Hint: it's not about the style or the colour! Your history, biomechanics, terrain, run philosophy, and personal fit all count.
AfricanX 2018 Rukadza and Calitz by Tobias Ginsberg TRAIL 28

AfricanX 2018 race report

The AfricanX Trailrun is the oldest surviving trail stage race in South Africa. The tenth edition in April reminded us that, no matter how successful you are, you should never be afraid to try new ideas to raise your game.
Fish River Canyon Ultra selfie AJ Calitz

The glorious return to Fish River Ultra 2017

AJ Calitz returned to the 100km Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra to claim his third win, in what he calls his toughest FRU ever. The 65km winner, Athanasius Muronga, earned his fourth consecutive win! Read stories of adventure from AJ Calitz, second man Roelof Feenstra, and winning woman, Sandra le Roux.
Are you hooked on exercise?

Exercise Addiction Quiz

Test yourself for signs of exercise addiction, which may lead to overuse injuries, adrenal fatigue, and relationship issues. It's worth your concern: 10% of fast runners have an exercise addiction, and 20-40% of triathletes are exercise addicts. This is an extract from The Haywire Heart, the first book about heart problems in athletes.
run stairs hills mountains couple vert ascent Pixabay TRAIL 31

How to train for mountains in the flatlands

How do you train for mountains when you live in a flat region? Coach Sean Tait – founder of Off the Mark Training – has solutions for you, including proven methods using treadmills, short hill repeats, stairs, and once-a-week roadtrips to your local high point. You can do this!
Goals running Marie-Snyman Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw Unsplash TRAIL 27

Achieve your run goals

How do you stay focused and achieve your goals? Life coach Marie Snyman-Jacobs shares her insights. Create SMART goals to build towards your dream.