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vegan plant based run sunroberto nickson unsplash

Meet four inspiring South African vegan trail runners

Sunshine-powered running: vegan athletes Rachel Manyathi, Zoe Papadakis, Govan Basson, and Gavin Shaskolsky explain how their plant-based life affects health and athletic performance. Originally published in TRAIL 26.
How to survive a veldfire by Heloise Hunter, photo Patrick Ryan/VWS

Surviving a veldfire

Walls of dancing fire, huge and orange against the sky, are awe- inspiring, terrifying... and deadly.
amri williamson winner top woman finish line UTD2021 photo Kirsten Oliver

Lessons from Ultra-Trail Drakensberg

Amri Williamson recalls her struggles on the way to winning the epic 2021 Ultra-Trail Drakensberg's UTD160 hundred miler.
Johardt van Heerden Molweni 2015 winner

Newcomer Johardt van Heerden wins Long Distance Championship at Molweni 2015

The second Molweni Trail Run hosted the SA Long Distance Championships over 32km in the spectacular Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, 20km from Durban. A competitive field was batched and sent on their way after a technical 7km prologue the day before.
fish river canyon ultra 2014 vista TRAIL magazine

Fish River Canyon Ultra 2014

The Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia is the second-largest washaway in the world. It is 160km long, up to 550m deep and 27km at its widest point. It’s also one of the oldest, an estimated 650 million years old, formed by the earth’s plate as it rearranged the continents like we rearrange furniture.
blog Rockhoppin' Trail Linda Doke

10 Lekker local trail blogs

We scoured the net and found excellent South African trail blogs for you to enjoy. These are just some of our favourites!
Foot pilates TRAIL 32

Foot Pilates for trail runners

Build ankle, foot, and leg strength using the Pilates footwork series. Sasha Ehlers shares a quick series of exercises that work every stabilising muscle of the lower extremity. First published in TRAIL 32.
Buffelsdrift Trail Park 11 main pic 1600 pixels.

Buffelsdrift Trail Park overview

Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park introduced five offroad running trails at the already popular MTB destination in 2017. It's located 15km north of Pretoria in the Buffelsdrift Conservancy. The new trails, which range from 5km to 21km in length, have been met with enthusiasm by runners and walkers alike.
Megan Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project by Kevin Sawyer TRAIL 37

Have patience with your training

Instead of going at maximum intensity every training session, trust the process and be patient with your body. Coaches Meg Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project explain the importance of patience to get long-term gains.
rabid dog rabies ecuador runner running bite saliva foaming illustration 1872 book

Runners, dogs, and rabies

Trail running takes us to some remarkably beautiful and remote places. The wildness and solitude are part of the attraction, but with that comes safety risks. One of those is exposure to wildlife, and diseases they carry, including the rabies virus. And guess what? Dogs, not wildlife, are responsible for most rabies infections in humans. Here's what you need to know to stay on the safe side of adventure.
girl running away from burgers TRAIL 25

Energy paradox – you can’t outrun a bad diet

So many people start running with the aim of losing weight. But it isn't that simple: what you eat and how much have a much stronger influence on your weight than your daily exertion. Article originally published in TRAIL magazine issue 25.
Addo Elephant Trail Run 2018 Xavier Briel 2 March magazine issue t27

Addo Elephant Trail Run 2018 – toughest yet

Originally printed in TRAIL 27, we remember the highs and lows of Addo Elephant Trail Run, held 2-4 March, 2018. Sandra Le Roux, Andy Wesson, James de Scande, and Nico Loubser tell their stories.
Spekboom leaves wikimedia commons

Why you should plant a spekboom

Hidden behind the Cape Fold mountains is a plant, the spekboom, doing its synthesising best to keep our planet in orbit. Maybe ‘in orbit’ is a bit dramatic, but it certainly giving us breathers a gap to mend that vital space between Earth’s surface and the dark empty space of space.
Over-Training Syndrome Adrenal Fatigue

Over-Training Syndrome

If you suddenly find you are struggling with training, losing performance despite training harder, or even losing the desire to train, you may have Over-Training Syndrome.
Young couple: man and woman run together on a sunset on lake coast. Silhouette.

It’s time to taper!

"Coach Mo, how do you taper before an important race?" Sally, Cape Town I often see how athletes work so hard for months preparing religiously for a big race and when it all needs to come together on race day, the spark is missing.
How to choose a sports bra icon by Leanna Coelho

How to Choose a Sports Bra

Chafing, bouncing, and nipple pointing: as lovely as your breasts are, they can be an additional challenge you could do without on the trails. Men, feel free to read on for a sense of empathy!
Marc Lauenstein Otter finish line champagne

Marc Lauenstein breaks ‘impossible’ Otter Trail Run barrier

Swiss mountain ace Marc Lauenstein is a man of surprises: he wins SA's prestigious Otter Trail Run on his first outing, becomes the first person to run the rugged course in under four hours, wins R100k... then does something equally remarkable.
Table Mountain fall Nic Nicolle

Watch Your Step on Table Mountain

Sunday 22 August was a dramatic day on Table Mountain. Four people were hurt and required assistance. One of them was TRAIL reader Nicholas Nicolle.
article coach mo fast and far T12

Run fast and far

A question about running fast and far from Robyn Anderson of Johannesburg: Speed and endurance is a difficult one for me. I don’t seem to be getting any faster, and now that I’m running with a pack on the longer routes, I seem to be near the back! I’m 43, but in my opinion, age should not be the reason! How do I get faster and stay the distance?
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