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Enjoy reading some of the most popular articles in previous issues of TRAIL magazine South Africa. TRAIL is available digitally through Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, Zinio, and on the TRAIL website. It is published quarterly.

Holey shirt Western States 100

Holey Shirt! A brief history

Ryan Sandes won the 2017 100 mile Western States Endurance Run in a shirt full of holes – precision cut holes. There is a history of innovation for this race, and a longer history of the holey shirt.
This is one of several Iwo Jima-like images from Otter over the years, as a Bloukrans hero takes a giant leap of faith at RETTO 2012. photo Jacques Marais/SONY

How to run your best RETTO

So, you really do want to be stronger at the end of the west to east Otter African Trail Run route known as the RETTO? Of course you do! This is one of the most amazing runs you’ll ever do and the main reason the event is sold out almost immediately entries go live. But be warned! It’s a real beast.
Belly breathing TRAIL magazine issue 15 by Leanne Coelho

You may be breathing inefficiently, especially when running

Even though you've been breathing your whole life, you may be doing it incorrectly. Getting your breathing right is so important for fueling your muscles with oxygen. Illustrations by Leanne Coelho

Optimal lean for improved running

In my experience as a running form coach, I've observed that hip position is the most challenging technical trait for runners to master. It is, however, a real barometer for running performance.
UTD 2019 Anthony Grote trekking poles TRAIL 32

List your trail running event in free calendar

You can have your trail running event listed in the print version of TRAIL magazine, or on this website. Be sure to send all the important details, well in advance!
Otter Trail Run Retto by Jacques Marais/Sony

Nine tips for a successful Otter African Trail Run

The Otter African Trail Run, presented by Salomon and GU, is a sublime trail race. Well organised, in an iconic setting, it's an extremely challenging race, and not for the average runner. It throws every possible challenge at you, and is why so many, including myself, keep coming back. That includes this old man! Here are my thoughts on surviving the 2015 Otter with a better chance of success.
Ras Jabulani Addo 100 Mile trai race

How to run 100 miles (and survive)

Coach Neville outlines the training, kit, and planning needed to complete 100 miles in this article from TRAIL magazine issue 24. You may be surprised to hear you don’t have to be superhuman to finish 100 miles. It is doable for most runners, provided you have a long build-up to develop the necessary strength and prevent injury.
rabid dog rabies ecuador runner running bite saliva foaming illustration 1872 book

Runners, dogs, and rabies

Trail running takes us to some remarkably beautiful and remote places. The wildness and solitude are part of the attraction, but with that comes safety risks. One of those is exposure to wildlife, and diseases they carry, including the rabies virus. And guess what? Dogs, not wildlife, are responsible for most rabies infections in humans. Here's what you need to know to stay on the safe side of adventure.
Table Mountain fall Nic Nicolle

Watch Your Step on Table Mountain

Sunday 22 August was a dramatic day on Table Mountain. Four people were hurt and required assistance. One of them was TRAIL reader Nicholas Nicolle.
UTMB Utra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Qualify for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Gaining an entry to the iconic Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc shouldn't be the most difficult part of finishing a 171km Alpine race. Bennie Roux explains the entry process to help make your UTMB dreams a reality.
Fish River Canyon Ultra selfie AJ Calitz

The glorious return to Fish River Ultra 2017

AJ Calitz returned to the 100km Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra to claim his third win, in what he calls his toughest FRU ever. The 65km winner, Athanasius Muronga, earned his fourth consecutive win! Read stories of adventure from AJ Calitz, second man Roelof Feenstra, and winning woman, Sandra le Roux.
Ostrich attack Harrismith Mountain Race

Harrismith: 93rd year, the frozen hitchhiker, and an ostrich attack

The 2014 edition had mist and lightning. But spring in Free State is a changeable thing: the 2015 participants baked in the midday sun. Every time a cloud passed overhead I was relieved, and I cursed the blazing heat on the open grassland at the base of Platberg. And I blessed the volunteers at water tables who sprayed me with the iced sachets of water!

Cowspiracy – the sustainability secret

We reviewed Cowspiracy in issue 13, arguably the most important documentary about the damaging effects of the global food industry so far this decade.
Champagne Castle range

Sterkhorn FKT and the record-setting movement

There seems to be an FKT movement spreading into South Africa. Popular in Europe, trail runners in the Republic are now starting to summit peaks in the Drakensburg in order to set a fastest known time for an up and down run. It began with Johardt van Heerden on Sterkhorn and already there are challengers preparing themselves.
How to choose a sports bra icon by Leanna Coelho

How to choose a sports bra

Chafing, bouncing, and nipple pointing: as lovely as your breasts are, they can be an additional challenge you could do without on the trails. Men, feel free to read on for a sense of empathy!
Andrew Hagen lifts his feet to avoid tripping while blitzing downhill. Photo Hayley Hagen

Run downhill faster with Andrew Hagen and Dirk Cloete

Technical descending is an unusual part of trail running, where skill can trump fitness. Proficiency on technical descents demands physical preparation and, equally important, mental focus. So what are the quickest ways to become a better descender?
Marc Lauenstein Otter finish line champagne

Marc Lauenstein breaks ‘impossible’ Otter Trail Run barrier

Swiss mountain ace Marc Lauenstein is a man of surprises: he wins SA's prestigious Otter Trail Run on his first outing, becomes the first person to run the rugged course in under four hours, wins R100k... then does something equally remarkable.
Addo 2019 Richard Pearce jumping 100 miler runner TRAIL 31

Things I learned running 100 miles at Addo Elephant Trail Run...

What went into running the 2019 Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 miler? Find out what Deon Braun learned when he completed Addo 100 in March 2019, and tips to prepare for your 2020 Addo Elephant Trail Run. His story was published in TRAIL issue 31.
Over-Training Syndrome Adrenal Fatigue

Over-Training Syndrome

If you suddenly find you are struggling with training, losing performance despite training harder, or even losing the desire to train, you may have Over-Training Syndrome.
How to choose shoes Grant Bryant TRAIL 36

How to choose your next pair of trail run shoes

Running shoe expert Grant Bryant of RUN Store helps you choose trail running shoes which are optimal for your needs. Hint: it's not about the style or the colour! Your history, biomechanics, terrain, run philosophy, and personal fit all count.