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Enjoy reading some of the most popular articles in previous issues of TRAIL magazine South Africa. TRAIL is available digitally through Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, Zinio, and on the TRAIL website. It is published quarterly.

article air pollution x-ray

Air Pollution And Running

Q: Running has proven health benefits, but can running (without injuries or medical conditions) ever be BAD for you? A: Yes, when the AIR QUALITY is bad. Read on to protect yourself from the worst of air pollution.

Analysing Your Pacing Data

Run coach Sean Tait drills down into the major challenges facing TRAIL readers. In this article he addresses the benefit of analysing your run pace.
Morne Nel and Tracey Campbell climb more than 500m on a single ascent in Vanstaadensberg training for uphill

Train For Uphill Trail Running

Coach Sean Tait addresses the challenge of doing enough hill run training, with ideas on how to get the most benefit from your effort. He also answers the question: what about inclined treadmill training as a way to train for hilly races?
Lizzy Strauss gives tips in Trail 13 photo Govan Basson

Tips for your first trail race

Your first trail event (of any length) can be an intimidating prospect. Or maybe you're stepping up to a new unknown distance and you don't know if you'll be able to manage it. TRAIL sought out trail running experts to help you overcome your challenges.

My Annapurna 55 meltdown

Towering mountain peaks in the Annapurna range, a seemingly unending climb, and an ultra distance trail challenge at altitude create a perfect storm for Saffa Warren King. This article appeared in TRAIL 41 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2021 edition).
amri williamson winner top woman finish line UTD2021 photo Kirsten Oliver

Lessons from Ultra-Trail Drakensberg

Amri Williamson recalls her struggles with altitude sickness (and how she managed the symptoms) on her way to winning her first hundred miler at the 2021 Ultra-Trail Drakensberg UTD160.
Paul Roth of the MCSA Drakensberg

Mountain Club to the rescue

We spoke to three members of the Mountain Club of South Africa about their love for the mountains, safety tips, and their experience with rescues. Heed their advice to avoid the majority of dangers in the mountains.
Megan Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project by Kevin Sawyer TRAIL 37

Have patience with your training

Instead of going at maximum intensity every training session, trust the process and be patient with your body. Coaches Meg Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project explain the importance of patience to get long-term gains.
Buying Land glossary jargon fall trip by Barry Maitland Stuart

Trail running glossary

An ever-expanding list of terms used by trail runners in South Africa and beyond. Use this glossary to master the sport's jargon. Illustrated by Barry Maitland-Stuart. Compiled by Heloise Hunter. First published in TRAIL issue 33.
Karine Bezuidenhour core strength single leg balance TRAIL 37

Three core strength exercises for runners

You need a strong core to be a better runner, but doing 100 sit-ups a day isn't the answer! Physiotherapist and trail runner Karine Bezuidenhout has three core exercises with no equipment to share. Originally published in TRAIL issue 37.
earthing beach water sand runners couple pair grounding ira-kovtun-unsplash t38

Install and test your grounding mat

Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche. 1. Setting up earthing equipment, 2. Testing your grounding mat, 3. Comparing your grounding mat with other materials. Best viewed after reading his TRAIL magazine issue 38 article.
How to choose shoes Grant Bryant TRAIL 36

How to choose your next pair of trail run shoes

Running shoe expert Grant Bryant of RUN Store helps you choose trail running shoes which are optimal for your needs. Hint: it's not about the style or the colour! Your history, biomechanics, terrain, run philosophy, and personal fit all count.
Scrambling Robyn Owen TRAIL 34

Scrambling: move expertly on steep trails

The fuzzy line between trail running and mountain climbing that gets you to the summit, scrambling requires its own skill set. Mountain guides and endurance runners Robyn Owen and Pierre Jordaan prepare you for future scrambling missions.
diabetes TRAIL 32

Three people outrunning type 1 diabetes

Three determined people outrunning type 1 diabetes. Anne-Marie Warner, Nicole du Plooy, and Nic McConnachie are all athletes who balance their blood sugar with their activity level. Find out how they do it. Originally published in TRAIL 32.
Lockdown comeback Erin van Eyssen

The comeback after lockdown

Coach Erin van Eyssen of Flat Rock Endurance explains how to adapt to training after lockdown. Use his advice to rebuild fitness and get your mindset right, while avoiding injury.
Foot pilates TRAIL 32

Foot Pilates for trail runners

Build ankle, foot, and leg strength using the Pilates footwork series. Sasha Ehlers shares a quick series of exercises that work every stabilising muscle of the lower extremity. First published in TRAIL 32.
resistance band TRAIL 34

Resistance band cross-training for runners

One gym accessory, so many options! Use your resistance bands effectively with coach Brendan McBirnie of Fitness From Africa. This article was first published in TRAIL 34.

Skipping rope cross-training for trail runners

Use a skipping rope to maintain fitness and have fun, no matter where you are. Personal trainer Rhain Hoskins shows you the moves and workout combinations. Article originally published in TRAIL 31
run stairs hills mountains couple vert ascent Pixabay TRAIL 31

How to train for mountains in the flatlands

How do you train for mountains when you live in a flat region? Coach Sean Tait – founder of Off the Mark Training – has solutions for you, including proven methods using treadmills, short hill repeats, stairs, and once-a-week roadtrips to your local high point. You can do this!
Addo 2019 Richard Pearce jumping 100 miler runner TRAIL 31

Things I learned running 100 miles at Addo Elephant Trail Run...

What went into running the 2019 Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 miler? Find out what Deon Braun learned when he completed Addo 100 in March 2019, and tips to prepare for your 2020 Addo Elephant Trail Run. His story was published in TRAIL issue 31.