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TRAIL web app guide

Access your TRAIL magazine digital purchase via with this quick guide.

If this advice does not help with your issue, or if you have other questions or suggestions, feel free to email us.

If you purchased a single issue or subscription through Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, or Zinio, please refer to the Help guidelines on those platforms.

The advice below only applies to purchases through the TRAIL website app.

The default is for your subscription to renew automatically (via Stripe payment) but you can cancel before your renewal is due.

Signing up, logging in, and managing purchases

Click through the images in the gallery below for a visual guide.

  • Desktop app before signing in TRAIL magazine issue 37
  • Desktop app after signing in, no subscription bought yet
  • Desktop app after signing in, showing purchases of single issues TRAIL MAGAZINE
  • Mobile app TRAIL magazine after registration, purchase, and login to view issue
  • Mobile app second menu option TRAIL magazine after registration, purchase, and login to view subscription
  • Mobile app general view showing all TRAIL magazine issues

Step-by-step guide

  • Create your account through
  • Make your purchase (optional). Options are 1. Single issue / 2. Six-month subscription / 3. One-year subscription.
  • Logout.
  • Reload
  • Tap on the star icon at the top right when the screen loads.
  • Tap on Close to clear the Welcome popup.
  • Under the LOGIN menu, type in your email and password.
  • A new screen appears showing that you’re logged in.
  • Your purchased issues will show a small black triangle on the bottom right of each cover.
  • Tap / click anywhere on the cover to read an overview, then click the black triangle to read the issue.
  • Non-purchased issues will show a small shopping cart in the same position.
  • It will also show your name and email, with three tabs below that.
  • First is Profile. You can change your name, email, password here. You can also opt-in to our weekly newsletter.
  • Second is Subscriptions. Click on that, and if you subscribed, it will show You are subscribed to: and then it will list which option you have (eg TRAIL mag 1-year subscription for R199.99).
  • Third is Purchases. This will list your single issue purchases. Tap on
  • Tap on your name / profile icon at the top right of the home screen at any time to access the three tabs mentioned above.
  • Please send any feedback and suggestions for improving the signup to

We hope that helped. Thanks again for your support of TRAIL magazine. You rock!

App support for other platforms

Please specify the device you’re using and platform you’re using (eg App Store, Google Play, Magzter, or Zinio). Send a screenshot of the app homepage as well as any screens showing the issue you’re having.


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