Happiness is pleasure without regret quote Leo TolstoyBegone, buyer’s regret!

Have you ever bought something and regretted it? It might have been instantly (because you felt compelled by someone or some situation, against your better judgement). Or perhaps you regretted it after using it for a while, when you realised it was of inferior quality. Ever had a product break the day or month after the warranty expires?

Whatever the reason, buyer’s regret SUCKS!

It feels like such a waste of money, right?

I’ve had buyer’s regret too, and that’s why I’ll never sell you advertisng you don’t need. That’s my promise. I’ll ask you questions about your product or service to understand what your goals for marketing are. If I feel we cannot help you (for any reason), I’d rather suggest another option, or refer you to another media company.

I consider your campaign like it’s my own campaign. If we’re going to assist you, we have to do it with a 100% clear conscience, and 110% commitment to making it a success for you.

Why do I want it to work for you? For two simple reasons.

First, I want you to be satisfied because that also makes me feel good about life.

Second, I want you to be so delighted by the experience and the results, that you come back again and again. That is win-win success in my book.

Deon Braun, TRAIL magazine founder

TRAIL T15 shelf newsstand pick n pay deon bottom of rack bestGrow your sales! Advertise with TRAIL magazine

In marketing, silence is very often a death knell. Place in TRAIL just four times, and you get 12 months of high quality, affordable exposure!

“We have had more enquiries via our website in the last month from runners than we have had all year, and we are pretty sure that this is because of our ads in your fab mag. We are super chuffed.” Emma Brown, Trailnuggets (August 2017)

Each issue is on shelves for three months, so if you’re not in it, you miss out on a quarter of a year’s exposure.

If it’s trail runners you want to talk to, it makes good sense to be in as many issues as you can. We reward those who think forward by offering reduced rates for bookings of four or more consecutive issues.

Advertising is dead, long live marketing!

Magazine stats

6,000 print copy circulation. Published four times a year.

Estimated readership of 12,000+ from sold and post-newsstand back copies via retailers, existing subscriptions (since March 2018, we are not selling new subscriptions, but existing subscribers are being serviced), back issue sales, partner sales, and event complimentaries.

Launch date: December 2011

Issues to date: 30

Deadlines 2019

TRAIL is quarterly. Deadlines for 2019 are:

Apr/May/Jun T31 – Booking 28 Jan, Material 11 Feb, Sale Mon 1 Apr
Jul/Aug/Sep T32 – Booking 22 Apr, Material 6 May, Sale Mon 24 Jun
• Oct/Nov/Dec T33 – Booking 29 Jul, Material 12 Aug, Sale Tue 24 Sep
Jan/Feb/Mar T34 – Booking 28 Oct, Material 4 Nov, Sale Mon 16 Dec


• Apr/May/Jun T31 – Fri 22 Mar
• Jul/Aug/Sep T32 – Fri 21 Jun
• Oct/Nov/Dec T33 – Fri 20 Sep
• Jan/Feb/Mar T34 – Fri 13 Dec

Special emphasis themes for 2019

  • T31 Apr/May/Jun – AUTUMN GUIDE – lighting, compression, run shorts, food bars
  • T32 Jul/Aug/Sep – WINTER GUIDE – cold weather apparel, energy supplements
  • T33 Oct/Nov/Dec – SPRING GUIDE – rain jackets, eyewear, navigation/HRM units
  • T34 Jan/Feb/Mar 2020 – GIFT GUIDE – good gifts, socks, summer apparel, trail and road shoes

Popular products like apparel, nutrition, and shoes appear in every issue, but the theme issues will have more of them. Products are arranged by category, in ascending price order.


Contact Deon Braun for our latest rates.

Reader surveys

Enquire for info if your brand seeks the comprehensive exposure a print, web, and social media campaign provides.

Past and present advertisers

32Gi, adidas, Addo Elephant Trail Run, Altra, Asics, Biogen, Brooks, Bryton, Camelbak, Capestorm, Chariot Carriers, Columbia, Dodo Trail (Mauritius), Featherbed Trail Run, First Ascent, Giant’s Cup Trail Run, Golden Gate Challenge, Hi-Tec, Iamsuperbar, IceBreaker, inov-8, Julbo, K-Way, Knysna Oyster Festival, KZN Trail Running, Leatherman, Ledlenser, Magnetic South, Merrell, NAKD bars, Nativa/Go!/Turbovite, New Balance, Nuzest, Otter African Trail Run, Pure Adventures, racefood, Reebok, Royal Raid (Mauritius), Rushbar, Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge, Salomon, Saucony, Skyrun, StaminoGro, Suunto, Tekkie Town, The North Face, TomTom, Trailnuggets, Trek bars, Tribe Multisports, Ultra-trail Cape Town, Ultra-Trail Drakensberg, Vivobarefoot, Warrior Race, Wildtrail, Wild Series, Wildlands Conservation Trust.

TRAIL magazine website ad need help with your event flyerAdvertise with TRAIL to:

  • Inform trail runners about your useful products and services.
  • Capture the attention of new potential followers.
  • Change lives – and the immediate world – for the better, with your offering.
  • Show new potential buyers what your products and services can do for them.
  • Reinforce the benefits of using your products to people who already know about you.
  • Remind current customers that you will continue to help them with new offerings, or backup their existing products.

Partner with TRAIL magazine, and you’ll promote your brand in print, the magazine’s digital editions, and our social media.

Who reads TRAIL magazine?

TRAIL readers are high LSM, adventurous, fun-loving people from all ethnic groups. They place a high premium on being in the outdoors. They love running, hiking, and generally being on trails.

They tell us that their therapy is the great open spaces of nature. We know, we feel the same way!

To enjoy the experience, they look for reliable, long-lasting, and good-looking products. They look for services that will delight them and exceed their expectations. If that’s your product, your gift to the world, then we can boost what you’re already doing.

Our annual surveys reveal that over 80% of TRAIL readers also mountain bike, hike and road run, either at present, in parallel, or before taking up trail running.

TRAIL readers will pay extra for products that enhance their experience on trails.

And how will they know, if they are not shown?

That’s where we come in.

If you sell something that ticks the reliable, long-lasting, and good-looking boxes, you’ll recognise the need to promote to potential buyers every way you can.

Magazines have a sizeable part to play in advertising. You should see them as partners in distribution and the most cost-effective way you’ll ever create your own quality print campaign.

If you go DIY, you’ll pay the same, or more likely, more, than what you’ll do when you partner with a magazine. You can easily do the maths. Ask a printer for a quote and then add your additional costs – freight of your flyers to events, insertion costs, and postage. And the value of your precious time.

It adds up fast.

We want to help you save money, time and avoid all that frustration.

We do that through wide distribution

Retail. Sold through 600+ stockists including Spar, Clicks, CNA, Pick n Pay, Exclusive Books, Sportsmans Warehouse, and specialist retailers in South Africa.

Digital. Available worldwide through Apple iTunes, Magzter, and Zinio.


  • Currently we do not sell print subscriptions, due to poor delivery service from SA Post Office.
  • Available digitally worldwide through Apple Store, and Zinio.

Print Pat Clarke at CTP Printers, Parow, Cape Town

Distribution manager Caitlin Starkey at RNA Distribution, Johannesburg

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to being of assistance to you when you need it.

Deon Braun, founder

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