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Making your advertising effective and fun

cover Eric Ngubane TRAIL T35 CONTENTS iPadMarketing a business can be a daunting exercise. There are hundreds of options to promote yourself with nowadays. Which ones will get the best results for you, at the lowest price per sale?

It’s impossible to know unless you tried them all, and made copious measurements for each. Of course, there just isn’t enough time or money for that.

We believe in niche marketing. Our aim is very focused: to connect South African-based trail running brands with South African trail runners. We also occasionally work with international events keen to target South African runners.

Our goal is to make advertising easy to book, affordable, effective, and highly targeted, to achieve the best result for each client.

TRAIL magazine issue 35 Gear Guide iPadAdvertise with TRAIL magazine to:

  • Inform trail runners about your useful products and services.
  • Capture the attention of new potential followers.
  • Change lives – and the immediate world – for the better, with your offering.
  • Show new potential buyers what your products and services can do for them.
  • Reinforce the benefits of using your products to people who already know about you.
  • Remind current customers that you will continue to help them with new offerings, or backup their existing products.

Consider collaborating with us to promote your event or product through our digital edition, website, and social media.

We don’t do the hard-sell ‘method’, and you will feel no sense of pressure after you’ve enquired.

Past and present advertisers

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of interesting brands and events since 2011:

32Gi, adidas, Addo Elephant Trail Run, AfricanX Trailrun, Altra, Asics, Biogen, Brooks, Bryton, Camelbak, Capestorm, Chariot Carriers, Columbia, Compressport, Dodo Trail (Mauritius), Enduren, Featherbed Trail Run, Feetures, First Ascent, Giant’s Cup Trail Run, Glencairn Trail Run, Golden Gate Challenge, Harrismith Mountain Race, Hi-Tec, Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Run (India), Hoka One One, Iamsuperbar, IceBreaker, Injinji, inov-8, Julbo, K-Way, Knysna Oyster Festival, KZN Trail Running, KURO-Bo, Leatherman, Ledlenser, Lisa Raleigh/Super Scoop, Mac Mac Ultra, Magnetic South, Merrell, NAKD bars, Nativa/Go!/Turbovite, New Balance, Nuzest, On shoes, Otter African Trail Run, Oxpecker Trail Run, Pekant, Pure Adventures, racefood, Reebok, Royal Raid (Mauritius), Rugani, Runtheberg, Rushbar, Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge, Salomon, Saucony, Skyrun, SPOT, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, Stagger Trail, StaminoGro, Suunto, Tekkie Town, The North Face, TomTom, Trailnuggets, Trek bars, Ultra-trail Cape Town, Ultra-Trail Drakensberg, Vivobarefoot, Warrior Race, Wildtrail, Wild Series, Wildlands Conservation Trust, Wolkberg Trail Run, Zini Beach ‘n Bush, and more.

How should I advertise?

It’s commonsense that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution.

So we focus on being as good as we can at being effective for both of our customers (advertisers and readers). We strive to help readers find the solutions to their trail running needs. And we work with those with services and products get them to our readers in the most cost- and time-effective way.

Options include:

Advertise advert TRAIL magazine running South Africa marketing event help assistance

When should I advertise?

Placing advertising in TRAIL magazine is a good marketing option if you:

  • Are a trail running event organiser with an event to promote in the next month to several months.
  • Sell trail running products like apparel, electronic training devices, eyewear, hydration, running shoes, sunblock, and sports nutrition on a long-term basis.

Even under the TRAIL magazine umbrella, there will be options that will perform better than others. You will get honest advice when we analyse your offering, before we make any recommendations.

When should I not advertise?

We reserve the right to decline advertising requests, and have done so several times in the past. These included:

  • A miracle crystal wrist band that would make you stronger and more flexible. It was bogus.
  • A vitamin blood infusion to boost recovery, done via saline drip for R900 to R1,600 a ‘treatment’. We feel needles should not be part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Brands that create products that exploit people, involve animal cruelty, and/or unethical natural resource exploitation.

When is the right time to advertise?

Timing and consistency are important ingredients in the recipe for success.

  • A 100 miler event needs more preparation and planning from a reader, so there’s no point advertising yours two months before race day. You need a long-term view.
  • And ditto for products. A flash-in-the-pan approach where you appear for one issue a year isn’t going to be as effective as consistently showing up in multiple issues.


My job is to help you decide on the best choice for you. That might mean I suggest you don’t advertise through TRAIL at all. You won’t be the first person I’ve pointed in another direction.

That’s because I believe in treating others the way I’d like to be treated. You may have run the gauntlet of poor advice from plumbers, roof repair companies, car salesmen, life insurance brokers, and the like. I have too, and don’t want you having that experience with TRAIL magazine. For me, it’s about building a reputation of authenticity, based on being true to oneself.

My job is to help you navigate the options using my 23 years of magazine marketing experience, and advise you honestly and ethically.

Deon Braun, TRAIL magazine founder

Advertiser feedback

“We have had more enquiries via our website in the last month from runners than we have had all year, and we are pretty sure that this is because of our ads in your fab mag. We are super chuffed.” Emma Brown, Trailnuggets.

“I want to thank you for your input, words of encouragement, and expertise you share with me. It is and will always be highly appreciated. Since the campaign launched I received 15 orders for R20,000. Thank you!” Terblanche Fourie, Weekend Warriors (Aonijie hydration brand).

Traditional shotgun-style advertising is dead… long live niche marketing!

Magazine stats

  • Published four times a year.
  • Estimated readership of 12,000+ with print/digital magazine. This figure will be revised once we sell our first digital-only issue 36 in late June/early July 2020.
  • Launch date: December 2011
  • Issues to date: 35


TRAIL is quarterly. Deadlines for 2020 are:

  • Jul/Aug/Sep (T36) – Booking 27 Apr, Material 4 May, Sale Mon 22 Jun
  • Oct/Nov/Dec (T37) – Booking 27 Jul, Material 10 Aug, Sale Mon 21 Sep
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 (T38) – Booking 26 Oct, Material 2 Nov, On sale Mon 14 Dec


Contact Deon Braun for the latest advertising rates for digital, website, social media, and competitions.

Reader surveys

Enquire if your brand seeks exclusive survey insights for our 2021 survey, conducted in Q4 of 2020.

Who reads TRAIL magazine?

TRAIL readers are adventurous, fun-loving people. They place a high premium on being outdoors. They love running, hiking, and being active, fit, and healthy.

TRAIL magazine distribution

Digital. Available worldwide through:





















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