Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tell me about TRAIL magazine, you ask?

ryno griesel kelvin trautman photo trail magazine 11 cover
Ryno Griesel hunting for ice rats in the long grass of the Drakensberg on the cover of TRAIL issue 11. Photographer Kelvin Trautman likes ice rats (just to take photos of them, not to eat, sies!)

Let’s see… it’s a bit like a constitution and it goes something like this:

We, the people all over South Africa who craft TRAIL magazine through every letter, photo, article, twitter chirp and Facebook comment, love trail running.

We love sharing the energy we find on trails all around the world.

This paper and screen magazine we forge every issue is 100% from the heart. It’s hand-crafted with great people from South Africa, Chile, Germany, India, France, Mauritius, Namibia, the UK and US – and anywhere else good humans like to feel alive in the vastness of our tiny planet.

Everyone loves to tell and hear uplifting stories of challenge, temporary defeat, rising against the odds… and eventually, winning.

TRAIL’s photo-essays with some of the most talented photographers and writers on Earth included the Otter African Trail Run, the Fish River Canyon Ultra in Namibia, Giant’s Cup Trail Run, the Dodo and Royal Raid events in Mauritius, the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race, and the Salomon Skyrun.

Regular photographic contributors include Govan Basson, Emma GatlandCraig Kolesky, Jacques Marais, Sven Musica, Kelvin Trautman, and Erik Vermeulen.

Writers who add their voices to the mag include Richard and Bev Attfield, Neville Beeton, Lucy Etherton, Kevin Light, Dennis Rehbock, Jaco Roux, Kim Stephens, Sean Tait, and Mauritz van Rensburg

TRAIL magazines are 100 pages thick every issue, so you’re assured of consistently great reading.

TRAIL readers are high income, active, and adventurous people who love the outdoors. One of their great passions is running on trails and experiencing the wide open spaces of nature. Many have also enjoyed mountain biking, hiking and road running. They place high emphasis on travel, technology and photography. They are gear-centric but not gear-obsessed. In their view, gear should be functional and not merely something pretty to look at.

TRAIL advertisers realise that to get you also give – and that by being part of a magazine, you tap into a deep consciousness that is very hard to do in a standalone D.I.Y. attempt.

We hope you enjoy TRAIL as much as we love to bring it all together.

Happy trails!

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