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TRAIL magazine issue 41

You'll be inspired by trail runners and their adventures in the Oct/Nov/Dec issue of TRAIL, South Africa's only 100% trail running magazine. It's the 41st edition since its launch in December 2011.

Protected: My Annapurna meltdown

Huge mountains in the Annapurna range, a seemingly unending climb, and an ultra distance trail challenge at altitude create a perfect storm.
letters TRAIL 29 photo by Jannas du Plessis

Write us a letter – you may get Feetured!

Every issue of TRAIL magazine features letters from readers just like you. So share your thoughts and life-changing experiences, and if your letter is published, you will receive a pair of Feetures Elite Light Cushion trail running socks, worth R239, courtesy of Feetures South Africa!
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Send us your trail running pics

You know how it goes: everyone needs to see that while they were on the couch, you were running this pristine landscape, gazing at that exquisite view. You snap a pic. Or twenty. Submit the best photo you took on the trail to us and you could see them in the next issue of TRAIL magazine.
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Bestest Reader Awards 2020 visual from TRAIL magazine issue 38

Bestest Reader Awards 2021

Do you qualify for a 2021 Bestest Reader Awards title? Send in your pic and you might be recognised for the crazy genius you are. Just for fun, enter your photos into the 2021 Bestest Reader Awards, to be recognised for the crazy genius you are.
amri williamson winner top woman finish line UTD2021 photo Kirsten Oliver

Lessons from Ultra-Trail Drakensberg

Amri Williamson recalls her struggles with altitude sickness on her way to winning her first hundred miler at the 2021 Ultra-Trail Drakensberg's UTD160.
Paul Roth of the MCSA Drakensberg

Mountain Club to the rescue

We spoke to three members of the Mountain Club of South Africa about their love for the mountains, safety tips, and their experience with rescues. Heed their advice to avoid the majority of dangers in the mountains.
Megan Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project by Kevin Sawyer TRAIL 37

Have patience with your training

Instead of going at maximum intensity every training session, trust the process and be patient with your body. Coaches Meg Mackenzie and James Montgomery of The Run Project explain the importance of patience to get long-term gains.
Buying Land glossary jargon fall trip by Barry Maitland Stuart

Trail running glossary

An ever-expanding list of terms used by trail runners in South Africa and beyond. Use this glossary to master the sport's jargon. Illustrated by Barry Maitland-Stuart. Compiled by Heloise Hunter. First published in TRAIL issue 33.
Karine Bezuidenhour core strength single leg balance TRAIL 37

Three core strength exercises for runners

You need a strong core to be a better runner, but doing 100 sit-ups a day isn't the answer! Physiotherapist and trail runner Karine Bezuidenhout has three core exercises with no equipment to share. Originally published in TRAIL issue 37.
earthing beach water sand runners couple pair grounding ira-kovtun-unsplash t38

Install and test your grounding mat

Three short videos by Durban biokineticist Stephan Terblanche. 1. Setting up earthing equipment, 2. Testing your grounding mat, 3. Comparing your grounding mat with other materials. Best viewed after reading his TRAIL magazine issue 38 article.
How to choose shoes Grant Bryant TRAIL 36

How to choose your next pair of run shoes

Running shoe expert Grant Bryant of RUN Store helps you choose trail running shoes which are optimal for your needs. Hint: it's not about the style or the colour! Your history, biomechanics, terrain, run philosophy, and personal fit all count.
read issue 41 TRAIL magazine Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

Previous Issues

TRAIL 40 cover Jo Keppler

TRAIL magazine issue 40

TRAIL issue 40 features a mega Ultra-Trail Drakensberg feature, shares Jo Keppler's story fighting substance addiction, improves your strength through hill running, helps you avoid and counter hypothermia, and much more.
Cover Matty Healy by Kyle Quintao TRAIL 39

Get trail smart with TRAIL 39

Take your trail running to new levels with 250 pages of trail awesomeness in the April/May/June issue. It includes a 70 event calendar and an account of two trail runners experiencing a desert flash flood in the Karoo.


Start your year on the right foot with TRAIL 38! This issue boasts 250 pages of photos, fun, and expert content to help you run at your best in 2021. Climb strong, breathe well, peak properly, and beat the heat with our latest issue.
Cover TRAIL 37 no text


TRAIL's second digital-only issue (Oct/Nov/Dec 2020). Get inspired and fit with 240 pages of trail running stories and lessons. Totally redesigned for maximum legibility on digital devices, including smartphones.
cover Rene Vollgraaff no text TRAIL 36


TRAIL's first digital-only issue (Jul/Aug/Sep 2020). Rebuild your trail skills and fitness with 188 pages of trail running nirvana! Ultra athlete René Vollgraaff is on the cover, photographed by her husband, Lourens Reyneke.
Cover Eric Ngubane by Gareth Hubbard TRAIL 35


TRAIL 35 is packed with training insights, stories from the trail community, and new gear for you. Strengthen your glutes and quads with five challenging stair runs, improve your strength and mobility, and protect your toes on the trail.