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TRAIL 29 Nic De Beer cover by Xavier Briel

What’s in TRAIL 29?

Build your ultrarunning engine, run with dogs, have a great first kilometre, and choose from over 90 local and international events in our calendar. TRAIL 29 will have you inspired, strong, and ready for your next big goal!
Gear Guide Spring TRAIL 29

Spring Guide issue 29

Find 37 quality products in our Gear Guide to help you achieve your trail running goals this spring – and beyond!

Send us your trail running pics

You know how it goes: everyone needs to see that while they were on the couch, you were running this pristine landscape, gazing at that exquisite view. You snap a pic. Or twenty.
trail camps rhino peak Drakensberg 2018


vegan plant based run sunroberto nickson unsplash

Vegan runners

Vegan runners Rachel Manyathi, Zoe Papadakis, Govan Basson, and Gavin Shaskolsky explain how their plant-based life affects health and athletic performance. Originally published in TRAIL 26.
Stuart Cole Drakensberg Northern Trail by Sven Musica Phonix Capture

Stuart Cole beats addiction with trail running

Healthy and happy, Stuart Cole took his body and soul back from the clutches of addiction. Just over a year later, Stuart is helping others and embracing the indescribable joy of trail running. This is the TrailTalk article he contributed to TRAIL issue 28.
Christiaan Greyling Otter African Trail Run win 2017

Prepare for your best Otter with Christiaan Greyling

The 2017 Otter African Trail Run champion, Christiaan Greyling, gives advice on running your best Otter 2019. From mindset to nutrition, training to race strategy, Christiaan has tips to maximise your Otter run.
Addo Elephant Trail Run 2018 Xavier Briel 2 March magazine issue t27

Addo Elephant Trail Run 2018 – toughest yet

Originally printed in TRAIL 27, we remember the highs and lows of Addo Elephant Trail Run, held 2-4 March, 2018. Sandra Le Roux, Andy Wesson, James de Scande, and Nico Loubser tell their stories.

Previous Issues

cover Nicky Booyens TRAIL t28 no text web


Run smart while having fun and staying strong with TRAIL 28. Run with dogs, relive adventure in the Grand Canyon, find winter gear, end your shin splint suffering, bake up a storm with black beans, and use martial arts to get stronger and faster even when you're not running.
cover Prodigal Khumalo Kumalo no text TRAIL 27


Plan your training to sharpen and taper for peak performance, join the fun with five social runs, and choose from 100 local and international events in our calendar. TRAIL 27 provides tools for strong, strategic running so your time on the trails is more pleasure than pain!
cover carla van huyssteen Sven Musica TRAIL 26


Run better when you learn from Coach Neville's racing mistakes, get strong with Pilates and kettlebells, get your floating bridge skills on point, and boost your nutrition! TRAIL 26 is all about overcoming obstacles - race whoopsies, dog bites, and knee injuries.


Train for longer distances and share the love with TRAIL 25, on shelves from 26 September 2017. Learn how to train for your first 15km trail, find doggie run routes, cross-train on obstacle courses, and develop your eyes to run fast and safe over any terrain.
cover Naomi Brand by Sven Musica no text TRAIL 24


Get ready for long kilometres with TRAIL 24, on shelves from 26 June 2017. Learn how to train for a 100 miler, discover slackpacking trails, cross-train with climbing, and tackle rocky trails. This issue will inspire you to break from your comfort zone!
cover Rory Scheffer by Xavier Briel no text TRAIL 23


Create good habits for training and health with TRAIL 23, on shelves until the end of June 2017. Learn how to train for a stage race, tackle tricky uphills, and use stretches and warmups to perform at your best.

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