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What’s in TRAIL 37?

TRAIL's second digital-only issue (Oct/Nov/Dec 2020). Get inspired and fit with 240 pages of trail running stories and lessons. Totally redesigned for maximum legibility on digital devices, including smartphones. You’ll find ultra athlete Armand du Plessis on the cover. Photo by Damien Schumann.
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Spring Gear Guide in TRAIL 37

Be ready for longer days on the trail with TRAIL 37’s Spring Gear Guide. Dive into 17 pages of accessories, apparel, shoes, and wellness products from 22 top brands. Find them on pages 40 to 57 of our latest issue, available on multiple digital vendor platforms from 2 October 2020.
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TRAIL goes totally digital

Join us on our purely digital journey. Publisher Deon Braun and editor Heloise Hunter thank you for supporting TRAIL through its transition. Our digital magazine has awed subscribers with interactive links and ease-of use.
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How to choose shoes Grant Bryant TRAIL 36

How to choose your next pair of run shoes

Running shoe expert Grant Bryant of RUN Store helps you choose shoes which are ideal for your needs. Hint: the colour is not what you should be looking for! So what do you need to consider? Your history, biomechanics, terrain, run philosophy, and personal fit all count. First published in TRAIL 36.

Rhino Peak Challenge 2020

TRAIL mag editor Heloise Hunter is running the Rhino Peak Challenge on 12 December. She will summit Rhino Peak in the Southern Drakensberg, and raise R10,000. Donations contribute to rhino, vulture, and crane conservation projects by EWT, Wildlife Act, and KZN Wildlife.
Scrambling Robyn Owen TRAIL 34

Scrambling: move expertly on tough trails

The fuzzy line between trail running and mountain climbing that gets you to the summit, scrambling requires its own skillset. Mountain guides and endurance runners Robyn Owen and Pierre Jordaan prepare you for future scrambling missions. First published in TRAIL 34.
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Previous Issues

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TRAIL's first digital-only issue (Jul/Aug/Sep 2020). Rebuild your trail skills and fitness with 188 pages of trail running nirvana! Totally redesigned for maximum legibility on digital devices, including smartphones. You’ll find ultra athlete René Vollgraaff on the cover, image captured by her husband, Lourens Reyneke.
Eric Ngubane TRAIL 35


TRAIL 35 is bursting with training insight, stories from the community, and trail running gear for you! Strengthen your glutes and quads on five challenging trail stair runs, challenge your system for strength and mobility, and protect your toes from the perils of trail running.
TRAIL 34 cover Annalise Scholtz


Get stronger and run confidently with TRAIL 34! Embrace the open expanse of five glorious grassland runs, laugh together about what makes us trail runners, and flex resistance bands for strength. With the summer sun blazing down, make the most of your vitamin D production, but also learn how to spot heatstroke.
Stuart McConnachie TRAIL 33 by Simon Pocock

What’s in TRAIL 33?

Get faster and further with TRAIL 33! Climb into the shade of five superb plantation runs, get up to speed with trail community jargon, and hop ladders for agility. Even in the heat, get it done without dehydration getting you down! TRAIL 33 will have you blister-resistant, inspired, and strong on your feet!
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Reach your peak with TRAIL 32. Understand your runner's mindset, plan your A, B, and C races for the year ahead, survive hypothermia, learn how to run far with trekking poles, avoid injury, strengthen your feet, crack the best pre-run breakfast, and shop through our 10-page Winter Gear Guide.


Balance your mileage and speed sessions, find mountains in the city, avoid altitude sickness, learn how to run happier, avoid falling, jump rope, post-workout chow plans, and lots more! Get 100 pages of trail running goodness, on shelves April to June 2019. Hylton Dunn graces the cover, shot by Brendan Cole.
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