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50-51 Gear Guide opening spread TRAIL 26

Gear Guide issue 26

Buy the best gift to yourself with the TRAIL 26 gear guide! From bars to tights, running belts to trail shoes, caps to running prams, discover a new way to enjoy your adventures. There are 34 products from 17 awesome brands, including Balega, Breezing, Brooks, Dr Cool, Enduren, Feetures, First Ascent, FuelBelt, Hi-Tec, Hoka One One, Nature's Delicacies, Pekant, Salomon, Saucony, SWIZA, Sziols and Thule.
Carla van Huyssteen featured TRAIL 26 shot by Anthony Grote

Carla van Huyssteen interview

She claims to be a born sprinter, but her domination of the Mountain Challenge Series in the Cape, and podium at her first-ever Otter African Trail Run, betrays delight in hours spent running. Life is too short for one sport, but 2017 was Carla's year of trails, with podiums all over South Africa. 
cover carla van huyssteen Sven Musica TRAIL 26

What’s in TRAIL 26?

Run better when you learn from Coach Neville's racing mistakes, get strong with Pilates and kettlebells, get your floating bridge skills on point, understand your body, and boost your nutrition! TRAIL 26 is all about overcoming obstacles, from race whoopsies to dog bites, knee injuries to floating bridges.

Send us your trail running pics

You know how it goes: everyone needs to see that while they were on the couch, you were running this pristine landscape, gazing at that exquisite view. You snap a pic. Or twenty.


Trail Town 2017 opening spread TRAIL 25

Trail Town at Knysna – After the Fire 2017

We run to be in nature, to breathe in fresh air, to feel the thrill of speed. But sometimes things bigger than us threaten to sweep everything we know and love away like a kilometre-high tsunami. Then we have to wipe away our tears, roll up our dusty sleeves, and run to find healing. The fires that ravaged the Knysna area from 7 June 2017 were the tsunami.
potato vs steak starch TRAIL 24

Smart starch for your diet

It’s time to re-acquaint with this food group after years of neglect. Excellent news: sweet potatoes are a health food! Starch is not the enemy. In fact, people living on Okinawa, Japan, have a diet comprising of 90% starch, which is a contributing factor to their longevity. Dietitian Laura May is here to sing the praises of starch, with scientific support.
Ecuador Deon Amazon October 2017 sunset Cuyabeno National Park rabies article January 2018

Runners, dogs, and rabies

Trail running takes us to some remarkably beautiful and remote places. The wildness and solitude are part of the attraction, but with that comes safety risks. One of those is exposure to wildlife, and diseases they carry, including the rabies virus. And guess what? Dogs, not wildlife, are responsible for most rabies infections in humans. Here's what you need to know to stay on the safe side of adventure.
Ras Jabulani Addo 100 Mile trai race

How to run 100 miles

Coach Neville outlines the training, kit, and planning needed to complete 100 miles in this article from TRAIL magazine issue 24. You don’t have to be superhuman!
Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 competition giveaway TRAIL magazine 2017

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Train for longer distances and share the love with TRAIL 25, on shelves from 26 September 2017. Learn how to train for your first 15km trail, find doggie run routes, cross-train on obstacle courses, and develop your eyes to run fast and safe over any terrain.
cover Naomi Brand by Sven Musica no text TRAIL 24


Get ready for long kilometres with TRAIL 24, on shelves from 26 June 2017. Learn how to train for a 100 miler, discover slackpacking trails, cross-train with climbing, and tackle rocky trails. This issue will inspire you to break from your comfort zone!
cover Rory Scheffer by Xavier Briel no text TRAIL 23


Create good habits for training and health with TRAIL 23, on shelves until the end of June 2017. Learn how to train for a stage race, tackle tricky uphills, and use stretches and warmups to perform at your best.
cover Robyn Owen t22 no text


Make the most of your runs with TRAIL 22, on shelves until the end of March 2017. Discover seven flat and fast trails, including five coastal runs, the best way to descend slippery hills, and how to use parkrun to test your fitness.
cover kane reilly TRAIL magazine issue 21


Make the most of every training session with TRAIL 21 and three different coaches! Discover seven forest trails across South Africa, the ultimate packing list for stage races, and which protein supplement is best.
cover TRAIL magazine lucky miya no text 1200


Get TRAIL 20 to learn how to pace your race, run on fat, rehabilitate your injured ankle, lower insulin, heal your feet, and make Bear Grylls' quiche! Strengthen your running with five targeted exercises.

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