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cover Rory Scheffer by Xavier Briel no text TRAIL 23

What’s in TRAIL 23?

Create good habits for training and health with TRAIL 23, on shelves until the end of June 2017. Learn how to train for a stage race, tackle tricky uphills, and use stretches and warmups to perform at your best.
Rory Scheffer profile pic TRAIL 23

Rory Scheffer interview

Cover athlete Rory Scheffer is just getting started, with international races all over his to-do list. He already has several wins under his belt, selectively racing as he builds to his international goals. Most recently it was the Ultra-trail Cape Town® 65km, after victories at Giant’s Cup Trail Run, and Dryland Traverse.

Send us your trail running pics

You know how it goes: everyone needs to see that while they were on the couch, you were running this pristine landscape, gazing at that exquisite view. You snap a pic. Or twenty.


Are you hooked on exercise?

Exercise Addiction Quiz

Do you arrange life around exercise or the other way around? Do you exercise to avoid negative feelings? Do you exercise because you feel you have...

Hip position for superior running form

Appearing on page 64 in TRAIL magazine issue 21, this article demonstrates the importance of hip position in running form, and shows you how to correct yours!

What shoes to wear when you’re not running

You have all the T-shirts, your preferred brand of shoes (that you replace on a regular basis), technical socks, and you spend between five and ten hours a week running. But what do you wear the rest of your waking hours, for the most time spent on your feet? In TRAIL issue 21 podiatrist Nelfrie Kemp explains which shoes are enemies to your feet, and what to wear instead.
The dogs Simola and Divot Trail Town running festival Knysna Kyle Smith

The soul of trail running lives in Knysna

A pair of brown eyes, and another pair of ice-blue eyes, stared at me accusingly and somewhat confused. I couldn’t blame the dogs; they usually get told “Outside! I’m running late...” rather than “Inside! I’m running late...”

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cover Robyn Owen t22 no text


Make the most of your runs with TRAIL 22, on shelves until the end of March 2017. Discover seven flat and fast trails, including five coastal runs, the best way to descend slippery hills, and how to use parkrun to test your fitness.
cover kane reilly TRAIL magazine issue 21


Make the most of every training session with TRAIL 21 and three different coaches! Discover seven forest trails across South Africa, the ultimate packing list for stage races, and which protein supplement is best.
cover TRAIL magazine lucky miya no text 1200


Get TRAIL 20 to learn how to pace your race, run on fat, rehabilitate your injured ankle, lower insulin, heal your feet, and make Bear Grylls' quiche! Strengthen your running with five targeted exercises.
cover TRAIL 19 Kerry-Ann Marshall no text


Leopards, hippos, suppositories, hallucinations: all part of the 100 Mile journey at Addo Elephant Trail Run. Relive the exceptional (and ridiculous) experiences that made South Africa's only 100 miler worth the sweat and tears.
cover no text TRAIL 18 Christiaan Greyling by Brett Nattrass


We know about running like a Kenyan, but what about running like a European - you know - running up and down mountains as fast as mountain goats? So we asked top Euro runners - as well as South Africans who've raced in Europe - to distill what we found were five keys to trail success.
cover TRAIL magazine issue 17 Linda Doke 600pixels NO COVER TEXT


Looking to get high on running? We've scoured South Africa for seven mountain runs to get you on top of the world! Need some inspiration? Read about our cover athlete Linda Doke's rise from chubby student to ultra racing maven. Steer clear of Runner's Knee with three bulletproofing strategies from Sean Tait.

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trail running race events calendar TRAIL 22

Events calendar

Get the next six months of trail running events in every issue of TRAIL, including international events. Issue 22 of TRAIL magazine (January/February/March) features 148 trail running events in South Africa and internationally.

Salomon Speedcross 4 winners announced

Thank you if you entered to win a pair of Salomon's all-new Speedcross 4. This competition closed 5pm on 3 November 2016. The winner is: Megan Hartwig! Congratulations.
Win the Brooks Mazama men's shoe in this competition

Brooks Mazama trail shoes winners announced

Congratulations to Daryl Hefer and Bianca Balutto for each winning a pair of Brooks Mazama trail shoes in this exclusive TRAIL magazine giveaway!
Retto Otter African Trail Run tips

Run your best Retto

So, you really do want to be stronger at the end of the west to east Otter African Trail Run route known as the RETTO*? Of course you do! This is one of the most amazing runs you’ll ever do and the main reason the event is sold out almost immediately entries go live. But be warned! It’s a real beast.
cape trail clinic 2015 group photo shot

Trail Clinics with TRAIL magazine

To stay informed about our Trail Clinics in Gauteng (29-30 July 2017), Knysna (13 Jul 2017), and Cape Town (11-12 November 2017), tell us a bit about yourself through the nine-question survey below. You'll be added to the mailing list for future news. Book for Gauteng below. Knysna bookings will open at the end of February.
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